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Matthew Katz, Bob Heere and E. Nicole Melton

ties are spread across a predetermined variable. The IQV is a normalized summary measure of dispersion that ranges from perfectly homogenous to perfectly heterogeneous ( Halgin & Borgatti, 2012 ). Higher scores indicate greater heterogeneity among alters based on the classification of interest. To

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Julie Minikel-Lacocque

. doi:10.26522/ssj.v2i1.969 10.26522/ssj.v2i1.969 Travers , A. ( 2014 ). Transformative gender justice as a framework for normalizing gender variance among children and youth . In E.J. Meyer & A. Pullen Sansfacon (Eds.), Supporting transgender and gender creative youth (pp.  54 – 68 ). New

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Chen Chen and Daniel S. Mason

claims to the land have been denied through narratives of progress and/or racial cultural superiority ( Smith, 2012 ; Trask, 1999 ). This brings up the last pillar of settler colonialism: Through the elimination of Indigenous peoples, settlers attempt to normalize their presence on the land ( Wolfe

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Timothy W. Cacciatore, Patrick M. Johnson and Rajal G. Cohen

throughout the weight shift. Together, these findings suggest that Alexander teachers were solving the movement challenge of smoothly rising from a chair at different speeds by adaptive use of their postural system. Figure 8 —Normalized hip torque during the 1-s chair rise in Alexander teachers and controls

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Spencer Riehl, Ryan Snelgrove and Jonathon Edwards

prominent athletes with reference to attributes that are to be normalized. For example, the tradition of Michigan University athletics continues in part through the “Michigan Man” concept, which emphasizes a particular way of acting and competing ( Bacon, 2015 ). The last mechanism that maintains

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Allyson C. Hartzell and Marlene A. Dixon

femininity from leadership roles further normalized the exclusion of women from the highest levels of management. In their case studies, they found that men were more likely to hold positions with greater power and influence, such as senior management and coaching. In contrast, women were more likely to hold

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Liam J.A. Lenten, Aaron C.T. Smith and Ralph-Christopher Bayer

athletes do not make decisions about doping based on ethics ( Engelberg, Moston, & Skinner, 2015 ). In fact, doping was normalized, leading to decisions made in a context of “moral disengagement.” In the absence of an idealized testing regime where drug use can be detected and eliminated, three options

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Landy Di Lu and Kathryn L. Heinze

. We gathered the public support data from the IRS Form 990 (Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax), filed by each state-level BIA, using a Guidestar ( ). To standardize the differences in state income, we further normalized this data by state per capita

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Stefan Walzel, Jonathan Robertson and Christos Anagnostopoulos

reinforce the dominant instrumental CSR ideology help normalize pragmatic and neoliberal views of CSR within the sport management discipline. About one-third of papers did not clearly define or paraphrase the CSR concept. From those papers that did, a further 20 manuscripts (29%) collectively used

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Brian P. McCullough, Madeleine Orr and Timothy Kellison

sport managers that instituting environmental initiatives would be economically viable or is morally imperative, legislative intervention would provide a clear path to normalizing sustainability in sport” ( Kellison & McCullough, 2018 , p. 453). One such form of legislation, state environmental policy