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David Russell and Jo-Ana D. Chase

disability in activities of daily living independent of physical activity . Journal of Physical Activity & Health, 12 ( 1 ), 93 – 101 . PubMed ID: 24510000 doi:10.1123/jpah.2013-0311 10.1123/jpah.2013-0311 Evenson , K.R. , Buchner , D.M. , & Morland , K.B. ( 2012 ). Objective measurement of

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Declan Ryan, Jorgen Wullems, Georgina Stebbings, Christopher Morse, Claire Stewart and Gladys Onambele-Pearson

the current study would have strong implications in older adults who struggle to accumulate sufficient 10 MVPA, as they may find it easier to accumulate LIPA. Which Pattern of PB is the Best Predictor of Cardiovascular Health? With improvements in the objective measurement of SB, the focus of

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Claire-Marie Roberts

are characterized by objective measurement rather than subjective judgment, and involves the practitioner designing an empirically-focused intervention with goals for each of the sessions ( Keegan, 2016 ). In addition, the cognitive and behavioral foci work on the assumption that practitioners can

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Theresa C. Hauge, Garrett E. Katz, Gregory P. Davis, Kyle J. Jaquess, Matthew J. Reinhard, Michelle E. Costanzo, James A. Reggia and Rodolphe J. Gentili

multidimensional tool used to assess subjectively the perceived workload. It provides results consistent with more objective measurements such as those obtained via neuroimaging (e.g.,  Ayaz et al., 2013 ; Gentili et al., 2018 ; Orlandi & Brooks, 2018 ; Shewokis et al., 2015 ; Shaw et al., 2018 ). This tool

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Kara C. Hamilton, Mark T. Richardson, Shanda McGraw, Teirdre Owens and John C. Higginbotham

using a twin design . PLoS One . 2010 ; 5 ( 4 ): e10110 . PubMed ID: 20422046 doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0010110 10.1371/journal.pone.0010110 20422046 52. Riddoch CJ , Mattocks C , Deere K , et al . Objective measurement of levels and patterns of physical activity . Arch Dis Child . 2007

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Andrew F. Clark, Joannah Campbell, Patricia Tucker, Piotr Wilk and Jason A. Gilliland

levels of PA. Limitations There are a few key limitations in this study. First, usage data were self-reported by participants. This study attempted to collect objective measurements of usage, but the 3 different service providers with unique registration software, combined with part-time staff who change

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I-Min Lee, Eric J. Shiroma, Kelly R. Evenson, Masamitsu Kamada, Andrea Z. LaCroix and Julie E. Buring

. PubMed ID: 25367147 doi:10.1111/jgs.13101 10.1111/jgs.13101 Evenson , K. , Buchner , D. , & Morland , K. ( 2012 ). Objective measurement of physical activity and sedentary behavior among US adults aged 60 years or older . Preventing Chronic Disease, 9 , E26 . PubMed ID: 22172193 Evenson , K

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David Geard, Amanda L. Rebar, Peter Reaburn and Rylee A. Dionigi

research should supplement self-reported successful aging assessment with objective measurement techniques, and include interventions and longitudinal studies to investigate successful aging over time. Sixth, in addition to the age-related differences that were detected in the present study, evidence

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Antje Hill, Linda Schücker, Norbert Hagemann and Bernd Strauß

the participants and, thus, assumed to be independent of their motivation ( Schücker et al., 2009 , 2013 ), it can be regarded as an objective measurement. Those studies that highlight advantages of an internal focus of attention in endurance sports mention its importance regarding active self

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Michael P. Corcoran, Miriam E. Nelson, Jennifer M. Sacheck, Kieran F. Reid, Dylan Kirn, Roger A. Fielding, Kenneth K.H. Chui and Sara C. Folta

Trial (FAST) . The Journal of the American Medical Association, 277 ( 1 ), 25 – 31 . PubMed doi: 10.1001/jama.1997.03540250033028 Evenson , K.R. , Buchner , D.M. , & Morland , K.B. ( 2012 ). Objective measurement of physical activity and sedentary behavior among US adults aged 60 years or