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Vinícius Y.B. Suetake, Emerson Franchini, Bruna T.C. Saraiva, Anne K.F. da Silva, Aline F.B. Bernardo, Rayane L. Gomes, Luiz Carlos M. Vanderlei and Diego G.D. Christofaro

between sports participation and parasympathetic modulation was identified, even after adjustments for gender, ethnicity, age, and body fat ( 9 ). In particular, after 12 weeks of soccer training in obese adolescents, researchers found a significant reduction in sympathetic modulation and an increase in

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Kent Upham, Brandon J. Auer, Christopher N. Sciamanna, Andrew J. Mowen, Joshua M. Smyth, David E. Conroy, Matthew Silvis, Jennifer L. Kraschnewski, Liza S. Rovniak, Erik Lehman, Kalen Kearcher, Maggie Vizzini and Louis Cesarone

et al, 42 who observed similar levels of perceived enjoyment among obese and nonobese participants in a high-intensity interval training program. Based on national survey data, women have a lower rate of sports participation as adults (16.0% vs 35.0% for men). 15 The goal of PlayFit was to create

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Armand A. Buzzelli and Jason A. Draper

. Bucharest, Romania . Lyons , K. , & Dionigi , R. ( 2007 ). Transcending emotional community: A qualitative examination of older adults and masters’ sports participation . Leisure Sciences, 29 ( 4 ), 375 – 389 . doi:10.1080/01490400701394881 10.1080/01490400701394881 Pelletier , L.G. , Tuson , K

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Mhairi J. MacDonald, Samantha G. Fawkner, Ailsa G. Niven and David Rowe

adolescent population walking is a convenient alternative to active play and sports participation. To promote walking, researchers have sought to identify the required step count and step rate to achieve a health-enhancing number of steps and intensity of walking ( 1 , 3 , 24 , 30 , 35 ). In adults, 10

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Katherine Reta Devonshire-Gill and Kevin Ian Norton

Canada 1994–2005 . Prev Med . 2010 ; 51 : 384 – 386 . PubMed doi:10.1016/j.ypmed.2010.09.002 10.1016/j.ypmed.2010.09.002 20832417 4. Stamatakis E , Chaudhury M . Temporal trends in adults’ sports participation patterns in England between 1997 and 2006: the Health Survey for England . Br J Sports

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Diego Munguia-Izquierdo, Carmen Mayolas-Pi, Carlos Peñarrubia-Lozano, Federico Paris-Garcia, Javier Bueno-Antequera, Miguel Angel Oviedo-Caro and Alejandro Legaz-Arrese

: informing development of a conceptual model of health through sport . Int J Behav Nutr Phys Act . 2013 ; 10 : 98 . PubMed doi:10.1186/1479-5868-10-98 23945179 10.1186/1479-5868-10-98 7. Basterfield L , Reilly JK , Pearce MS , et al . Longitudinal associations between sports participation, body

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MinKyoung Song, Robert F. Corwyn, Robert H. Bradley and Julie C. Lumeng

person wearing the accelerometer. 11 Children wore the accelerometer on a belt around their waist during waking hours for 7 consecutive days (5 weekdays and 2 weekend days), excluding showering/bathing, water sports, contact sports, or high-impact sports. Participation rate in wearing the monitor was

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María Reyes Beltran-Valls, Enrique García Artero, Ana Capdevila-Seder, Alejandro Legaz-Arrese, Mireia Adelantado-Renau and Diego Moliner-Urdiales

physiological sport-related demands is highly individualistic and might be influenced by the deep changes occurring during adolescence ( 8 ), so its impact on sleep might be different between participants. In our study, a possible effect of the sports participation requirements on sleep patterns may have been

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Tiago V. Barreira, Stephanie T. Broyles, Catrine Tudor-Locke, Jean-Philippe Chaput, Mikael Fogelholm, Gang Hu, Rebecca Kuriyan, Estelle V. Lambert, Carol A. Maher, José A. Maia, Timothy Olds, Vincent Onywera, Olga L. Sarmiento, Martyn Standage, Mark S. Tremblay, Peter T. Katzmarzyk and for the ISCOLE Research Group

parks, other recreational activities, sports participation, and the overall view of physical activity as positive for children; however, this speculation could not be tested using our data. For adults in a single-country study, it has been suggested that technological advances associated with economic

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Katrina M. Moss, Annette J. Dobson, Kimberley L. Edwards, Kylie D. Hesketh, Yung-Ting Chang and Gita D. Mishra

activity . Public Health Res Pract . 2019 ; 29 ( 1 ): 1 – 8 . 10.17061/phrp2911907 12. Timperio AF , Van Stralen MM , Brug J , et al ; ENERGY consortium . Direct and indirect associations between the family physical activity environment and sports participation among 10–12 year-old European