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Ryan D. Henke, Savana M. Kettner, Stephanie M. Jensen, Augustus C.K. Greife and Christopher J. Durall

) 7 compared LIAEX initiated within 10 days after SRC with usual care (ie, rest). A second level 1b RCT 8 compared LIAEX initiated within 10 days after SRC with placebo stretching. • Recovery in the studies was defined as symptom resolution per the Postconcussion Symptom Scale (PCSS) and

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Robert S. Thiebaud, Takashi Abe, Jeremy P. Loenneke, Tyler Garcia, Yohan Shirazi and Ross McArthur

pressures so that a more standardized way of applying practical BFR can be developed. Some studies have applied the stimulus by stretching the elastic band by 2 in, 19 3 in, 16 or using a perceived tightness scale. 21 One study also used 10% and 20% stretch of its starting length, 22 and they found that

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Timothy J. Walker, Jessica M. Tullar, Pamela M. Diamond, Harold W. Kohl III and Benjamin C. Amick III

-strengthening activities, that are also a key part of the physical activity guidelines. 5 Only one known study has included muscle-strengthening physical activity and stretching behavior as variables of interest, with results suggesting no significant association with presenteeism. 19 However, no studies have evaluated

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Erica S. Albertin, Emilie N. Miley, James May, Russell T. Baker and Don Reordan

-free daily activities with achieving normal ranges of motion). 3 , 4 Clinicians often apply traditional therapy, such as stretching and strengthening exercises, to improve hip ROM. 5 Although traditional therapy has been recommended to improve hip ROM, the efficiency of the treatments is questionable. 3

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Serge Brand, Markus Gerber, Flora Colledge, Edith Holsboer-Trachsler, Uwe Pühse and Sebastian Ludyga

stretching on facial emotion recognition. To assess facial emotion recognition, we followed Palermo, O’Connor, Davis, Irons, and McKone ( 2013 ) and Shukla, Pandey, Jain, and Lau ( 2018 ), and assessed both emotion labeling and emotion matching, as these outcome variables allow both to measure processing

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Laura A. Verbruggen, Melissa M. Thompson and Chris J. Durall

Clinical Scenario Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common musculoskeletal disorders of the foot. 1 – 5 Initial treatment of plantar fasciitis is typically conservative and may include heel padding, steroid injections, night splinting, calf-stretching, ultrasound, foot orthoses, and taping

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Kevin Laudner and Kyle Thorson

and various rehabilitation protocols. Several studies have shown that gross stretching of the pectoralis minor is not effective for correcting scapular kinematics, 9 , 10 but does result in increased muscle length 2 , 10 and elasticity. 11 These stretching techniques have focused on moving the

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Timothy A. Kulpa, Jamie Mansell, Anne Russ and Ryan Tierney

sustained on treadmill testing once per day, 5–6 days per week, until symptoms were no longer exacerbated upon exercise. 12 subjects (4 male, 8 female; ages 17–52). Three groups: (a) PCS controlled exercise (n = 4); (b) PCS placebo stretching (n = 4); (c) healthy age/gender-matched control group (n = 4

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Zachary M. Gillen, Lacey E. Jahn, Marni E. Shoemaker, Brianna D. McKay, Alegra I. Mendez, Nicholas A. Bohannon and Joel T. Cramer

jump. Previous studies have suggested that the eccentric countermovement during a CMJ improves utilization of the stretch-shortening cycle, thereby augmenting force and power output during the subsequent concentric phase. 1 , 2 , 4 , 7 – 9 This improved utilization of the stretch-shortening cycle may

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Nicola Giovanelli, Filippo Vaccari, Mirco Floreani, Enrico Rejc, Jasmine Copetti, Marco Garra, Lea Biasutti and Stefano Lazzer

Many athletes commonly use different strategies (ie, dynamic or static stretching, massages, self-myofascial release [SMFR]) before and/or after competitions or training sessions to improve flexibility, accelerate recovery time, and decrease injury risk. 1 However, in the literature there are