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Theresa L. Miyashita and Paul A. Ullucci

identifying residual deficits within the vestibulo-ocular system is critically important to the sports medicine professionals, as these deficits may place athletes at further risk of sustaining injuries due to their inability to process stimuli efficiently within the busy athletic environment. Sport requires

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Eric Foch and Clare E. Milner

The accessibility of running makes it a common exercise choice for individuals looking to improve their overall health. However, the likelihood that a runner will develop an overuse injury is high. Prospective studies indicate that 47% to 52% of recreational runners sustained an overuse injury that

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Davide Ferioli, Ermanno Rampinini, Andrea Bosio, Antonio La Torre and Nicola A. Maffiuletti

compared the COD ability and the ability to sustain repeated COD efforts of adult players competing at different levels. 6 – 11 COD exercises were found to discriminate professional and semiprofessional adult male basketball players from their lower level counterparts, 7 , 10 , 11 whereas professional

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Edward J. Bradley, Bob Hogg and David T. Archer

increased each year from 7.5 to 10.8 seconds, an overall increase of very large magnitude (44%, ES = 3.0). 14 Reported sustained push forces in machine scrummaging with an international pack of 8 kN under the CTS process compared with 15.8 kN during engagement. Similarly, Cazzola et al 16 have shown that

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Buffie Longmire-Avital, Takudzwa Madzima and Elyse Bierut

also increase with sustained engagement at just the moderate intensity level ( U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2008 ; Eijsvogels, George, & Thompson, 2016 ; Kokkinos & Myers, 2010 ). Although participation in the recommended amounts of physical activity are intended to be universally

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Deborah A.M. Jehu, Nicole Paquet and Yves Lajoie

) possible improvements in obstacle clearance parameters and RT would be sustained at the 12-week follow-up in both training groups because previous work has also observed maintained improvements ( Lim & Yoon, 2014b ; Marusic et al., 2016 ). Methods Participants In total, 76 older adults were evaluated for eligibility

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Roberto Baldassarre, Marco Bonifazi, Paola Zamparo and Maria Francesca Piacentini

efficiency and an ability to sustain a high percentage of V ˙ O 2 max for hours. 35.9–73.1 15.8–20.1 Judelson et al 33 1 W 24 Competitive SS, ANT, HR, RPE Training, acclimatization, and feedings can safely maintain elevated exercise intensities for long durations during OWS events. 32.2 19.1 ± 0

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Declan J. Ryan, Jorgen A. Wullems, Georgina K. Stebbings, Christopher I. Morse, Claire E. Stewart and Gladys L. Onambele-Pearson

participants [73.8 (6.22) y, 60–89 y, 55% female; Table  1 ], who did not suffer from an untreated CVD, had not sustained a PB limiting injury within the last 3 months, were independently mobile, and deemed generally healthy, were recruited for the study. Participant approval for study inclusion was provided

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Arthur H. Bossi, Cristian Mesquida, Louis Passfield, Bent R. Rønnestad and James G. Hopker

particularly in the case of well-trained athletes. 1 – 3 Therefore, accumulating time at or close to V ˙ O 2 max (eg, >90% or >95%) during a HIIT session may be important for training adaptation. 1 – 4 , 6 – 9 Previously, Billat et al 10 have demonstrated that the ability to sustain exercise at > 95 % V

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Jian Chen, Bruce Oddson and Heather C. Gilbert

, with a questionnaire pertaining to respondent’s symptoms of the most recent concussion as well as injury history, we try to examine the effect of multiple concussions on the spectrum of concussion symptoms as compared with those who sustained their first concussion. Methods Study Design This study used