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Hedda Berntsen and Elsa Kristiansen

the Norwegian College of Elite Sport (NTG) schools participated in the two-month long intervention. The coaches’ working experiences ranged from no prior full-time coach experience to veterans with over 10-years of experience at NTG in addition to experience as a term national team coach (M = 5.4, SD

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Sarah C. Moudy, Neale A. Tillin, Amy R. Sibley and Siobhán Strike

Rehabil . 2009 ; 90 ( 3 ): 440 – 446 . PubMed ID: 19254609 doi:10.1016/j.apmr.2008.08.220 30. Norvell DC , Czerniecki JM , Reiber GE , Maynard C , Pecoraro JA , Weiss NS . The prevalence of knee pain and symptomatic knee osteoarthritis among veteran traumatic amputees and nonamputees

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Jon Welty Peachey, Laura Burton, Janelle Wells and Mi Ryoung Chung

working for SDP organizations around the world with different missions and foci. The SDP Context With its roots in the ancient Olympic Games and later initiatives for veterans returning from World War I to help them reacclimate to society ( Burnett, 2001 ), SDP has been embraced by governments, the United

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Joshua Woods

new to the sport are less likely to join Facebook groups or the competitive ranks of the PDGA than veteran players. The number of disc golfers in this early stage of development is surprisingly large. According to a 2014 State of Disc Golf survey, approximately 50% of those surveyed had been playing

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Jules Woolf, Jess C. Dixon, B. Christine Green and Patrick J. Hill

wasted effort if something was done years ago and didn’t work. Head Groundskeeper Jack Gagne, another veteran of the DAR, gave a more pointed response to Jacobs’s questions: Well, it’s the fact when you have a couple of people who have been here 40 years or more and you’re being told what to do by

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Hans Erik Næss

significance when it comes to stakeholder salience. The first came in 1993 with election of Max Mosley as FIA President, which resulted in changes to the structure of FIA. On Mosley’s initiative, aided by a former collaborator, Formula 1 veteran and FIA Vice-President for Promotional Affairs since 1987, Bernie

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Pierre Lepage, Gordon A. Bloom and William R. Falcão

’ current knowledge. The impact of staff members on coaches’ learning is consistent with previous research from Tawse et al. ( 2012 ), who provided evidence of the impact staff members had on the learning of wheelchair rugby coaches. These staff members were usually former or veteran athletes functioning as

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Adam J. White, Stefan Robinson, Eric Anderson, Rachael Bullingham, Allyson Pollock and Ryan Scoats

roles in many [County Schools Unions] fall to more veteran colleagues. Their presence in our ranks is, of course, valued for all their experience, energy and available time, but we do need to try to get more representation of the girls’ game and hear younger voices ( Orton, 2015 , p. 1). This work is

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Adelle Gadowski, Alice J. Owen, Andrea Curtis, Natalie Nanayakkara, Stephane Heritier, Marie Misso and Sophia Zoungas

mortality risk in veterans with dyslipidaemia: A cohort study . The Lancet, 381 ( 9864 ), 394 – 399 . doi:10.1016/S0140-6736(12)61426-3 10.1016/S0140-6736(12)61426-3 Laporte , R.E. , Montoye , H.J. , & Caspersen , C.J. ( 1985 ). Assessment of physical activity in epidemiologic research: Problems

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Julianne A. Wenner, Kimberly M.B. Tucker, Hannah G. Calvert, Tyler G. Johnson and Lindsey Turner

about school issues but indicated that classroom content often took precedence. One participant in a low-PA school (Quiana) indicated more healthy norms (“medium” level) around PE and/or PA; many teachers have flexible seating, and they feel that the newer teachers (rather than veteran teachers) seem