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Sarah J. Hatteberg

’s images and appearance focused on the presentation of self, both actual and virtual. As Tristan says: … you have meetings on what you can and what you can’t say on social media… you can’t say anything regarding like, any controversial topics, no curse words, you have to be careful what pictures you post

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Daniela Corbetta, Rebecca F. Wiener, Sabrina L. Thurman and Emalie McMahon

behavior of 50 infants aged between 2½ and 6½ months of age in conditions aimed at controlling the hand visibility during the reach. When a mirror was in place, infants could only see a virtual image of the object; the sight of their hands was occluded. When the mirror was replaced by a transparent plate

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Karen McCormack

for most riders, these can be online message boards, Facebook groups, or groups that meet up to ride local trails. This space, whether physical or virtual, becomes a critical part of the experience for mountain biking women. These spaces are sometimes limited to other women, or they can be populated

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James J. Hannigan, Louis R. Osternig and Li-Shan Chou

between sexes. A total of 39 reflective markers were placed on participants. 29 , 30 The trunk segment was defined by 2 markers on the acromion processes and a virtual marker at the pelvis center of mass. 10 The pelvis was defined by 2 markers on the anterior superior iliac spines (ASIS), and 1 at the

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Gerda Strutzenberger, Adam Brazil, Timothy Exell, Hans von Lieres und Wilkau, John D. Davies, Steffen Willwacher, Johannes Funken, Ralf Müller, Kai Heinrich, Hermann Schwameder, Wolfgang Potthast and Gareth Irwin

, a virtual toe marker was created half-way between the 2 RSP markers. Step length and width were identified using the toe markers. Step frequency of the first step was calculated as 1/(first stance contact time + flight time) and step velocity as the product of step frequency and step length. Kinetic

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Levy Silva Rezende, Markus Brendon Lima and Emanuel Péricles Salvador

when this study was structured. The search was performed using descriptors (DeCS/MeSH) or keywords, depending on the database used. The descriptors “motor activity” and “spinal cord disease” were searched in the PubMed and biblioteca virtual em saúde (BVS) databases, whereas the terms “motor activity

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Fabiana Rodrigues Osti, Caroline Ribeiro de Souza and Luis Augusto Teixeira

& Science in Sports, 26 ( 3 ), 275 – 283 . PubMed doi:10.1111/sms.12423 10.1111/sms.12423 Eikema , D.J. , Hatzitaki , V. , Tzovaras , D. , & Papaxanthis , C. ( 2012 ). Age-dependent modulation of sensory reweighting for controlling posture in a dynamic virtual environment . Age, 34 ( 6

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Ashleigh J. Sowle, Sarah L. Francis, Jennifer A. Margrett, Mack C. Shelley and Warren D. Franke

, 2013 ; Maillot & Perrot, 2012 ; O’Leary, Pontifex, Scudder, Brown, & Hillman, 2011 ), has promise as an effective tool to overcome these challenges. Exergaming systems allow individuals to interact with a virtual environment to become more active. It works by tracking movements from the player and

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Rachel Arnold, Nicole Bolter, Lori Dithurbide, Karl Erickson, Blair Evans, Larkin Lamarche, Sean Locke, Eric Martin and Kathleen Wilson

Edited by Kim Gammage

models, based on mathematically specified “rules” about how members interact, that represent human behavior in groups. These models allow researchers to conduct virtual experiments that test theoretical propositions that attempt to predict future member behavior. These predictions can be further

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Nichola Callow, Dan Jiang, Ross Roberts and Martin G. Edwards

spatial and temporal locations as per a slalom task. The virtual reality display presented the driver’s view out through the front window of the car as if actually driving the car. Training and Experimental Phases Participants completed a 90-min training phase period where they had to achieve two criteria