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Shelley Lucas

dive” after the Coors Classic ended. 36 What is missing from these comments is an examination of the gender relations inherent in the ideological and structural underpinnings of race formats and cycling governance– then and now, that contribute to the shifting status of women’s cycling. A few cycling

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Sarah J. Hatteberg

.g., Basketball, Volleyball* e.g., Swimming, Diving, Cross Country, Track *Most big time collegiate athletic programs have only two revenue-generating sports for men and women. To maintain confidentiality, teams are identified according to sport type only. Despite being selected for inclusion in the study, institutional

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John D. Fair

.” 39 Especially appealing was the rags to riches story of how Dubois had risen from poverty in the south Bronx. When his father died he was sent to a Catholic orphanage where he excelled in swimming, diving, and boxing. But Dubois also displayed an artistic bent. While shining shoes and selling

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Sara Santarossa, Paige Coyne, Sarah J. Woodruff and Craig G. Greenham

Brown Football African American U.S. 28 585 923,000 944,000 21,000 3 Ryan Dungey Motocross White U.S. 26 2,594 690,000 699,000 9,000 2 Greg Louganis c Diving White U.S. 56 132 — — — — Conor McGregor MMA fighting White Irish 28 1,199 5,300,000 5,500,000 200,000 1 Von Miller Football African American U

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Ashley A. Hansen, Joanne E. Perry, John W. Lace, Zachary C. Merz, Taylor L. Montgomery and Michael J. Ross

.9% played soccer, 28.2% played cross country and/or track and field, 10.0% played basketball, 9.5% played field hockey, 8.6% played volleyball, and 5.9% were on the swimming and diving team. The remaining 6.9% of participants reported other athletic involvement (e.g., baseball, softball, tennis, and

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Lijuan Wang

movements and activities are extremely complicated and the teacher should modify them. For example, Zhang, a student with ASD, said, I cannot join in certain activities because they are too complicated for me. I cannot attend games because I do not understand the game’s tactics. Sports skills like dive

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Jennifer E. McGarry

questioning. But I tend to wade in, not dive in. I build relationships, lead people to consensus. So how to address a room of people in a diversity of roles and positions in colleges, universities, and industries, representing so many different subfields within, and approaches to, sport management. This is a

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William C. Way, Ashley M. Coker-Cranney and Jack C. Watson II

.4%), and graduate (1.3%) academic standings. The most represented sports in the sample were cross country and / or track and field (20.4%), rowing (16.5%), swimming and diving (12.6%), soccer (10.0%), volleyball (9.1%), and tennis (4.8%). The remaining 25.8% competed in golf, softball, field hockey, rifle

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Pirkko Markula

). But what about the so-called judged sports such as artistic or rhythmic gymnastics, diving, or figure skating? Best was aware of such sports and continued to illustrate the differences between sport and art by classifying sports into purposive and aesthetics sports based on their different functions

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Matthew D. Bird, Graig M. Chow, Gily Meir and Jaison Freeman

) sophomores, 25.2% ( n  = 51) juniors, 25.7% ( n  = 52) seniors, and 2% ( n  = 4) were graduate students. Student-athletes in the sample represented Baseball ( n  = 2), Basketball ( n  = 6), Cross Country ( n  = 8), Diving ( n  = 2), Football ( n  = 34), Golf ( n  = 4), Soccer ( n  = 2), Softball ( n  = 9