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Nick Wadsworth

). Furthermore, it can often be the case that the high level of commitment involved with elite sport and the facilitating role parents adopt might inhibit young athletes from disclosing their experiences ( Stirling, 2011 ), and it is particularly common in gymnastics for the athletes to develop a “code of

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Nick Wadsworth, Ben Paszkowec and Martin Eubank

identity altogether ( Brown & Potrac 2009 ), which can lead to depression ( Wood, Harrison, & Kucharska, 2017 ), distress, helplessness, and isolation when experiencing critical moments ( Nesti et al., 2012 ) or when forced to disengage from elite sport ( Lavallee, Nesti, Borkoles, Cockerill, & Edge, 2000

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Laura St. Germain, Amanda M. Rymal and David J. Hancock

Elite sport performance has captured the attention of sport science researchers for several decades. During this period of intense investigation, researchers have identified many factors that influence the development of elite performance. Ericsson, Krampe, and Tesch-Römer ( 1993 ), for instance

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Shannon O’Donnell, Christopher M. Beaven and Matthew Driller

range of other psychological and physiological variables that highlight the difficulty in assessing the relationship between performance and napping. Furthermore, applied research in the elite sport setting can be somewhat difficult, with some coaches being reluctant to add any distractions, especially

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Richard J. Keegan, Lisa M. Barnett, Dean A. Dudley, Richard D. Telford, David R. Lubans, Anna S. Bryant, William M. Roberts, Philip J. Morgan, Natasha K. Schranz, Juanita R. Weissensteiner, Stewart A. Vella, Jo Salmon, Jenny Ziviani, Anthony D. Okely, Nalda Wainwright and John R. Evans

informing the scientific discourse ( Feyerabend, 1975 ; Lakatos, 1970 ). As this research was associated with a national implementation project, the resulting definition and framework had to be amenable with immediate adoption and implementation in Australian schools, community sport settings, elite sport

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Christoph Szedlak, Matthew J. Smith, Bettina Callary and Melissa C. Day

authentic, based on the criteria of relevance, accuracy and credibility. The vignette focused on one main character (Pete), who was an experienced S&C coach. The plot of the vignette included three parts that outlined Pete’s learning about what constitutes impactful S&C coaching practice in an elite sport

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Ali Moazami-Goodarzi, Matilda Sorkkila, Kaisa Aunola and Tatiana V. Ryba

ongoing database initiated with the aim of examining the risk and resilience factors underpinning the dual career pathways of youth athletes attending elite sport schools in Finland. Ethical permission for the study was obtained from the relevant university. The participants ( N  = 391, M age at T1 = 16

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Stewart A. Vella

-home brochure. Nine Norwegian elite sport high schools participated in the intervention, with seven schools acting as a control group. Results showed that intensive multicomponent, multilevel intervention can prevent new cases of eating disorders among female high school athletes ( Martinsen et al., 2014

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Fernando Santos, Leisha Strachan, Daniel Gould, Paulo Pereira and Cláudia Machado

how team leaders are empowered with a specific set of roles and tasks ( Cotterill & Fransen, 2016 ; Fransen et al., 2015 ; Loughead, Hardy, & Eys, 2006 ). However, team leaders’ roles in facilitating PLSD are still unexplored, especially at the elite sport level. The present study examined whether

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Andrew G. Wood, Jamie B. Barker, Martin Turner and Peter Thomson

The application of clinical models in elite sport symbolizes a shift in effective interventions that aim to enhance psychological well-being and performance. The effects of rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT; Ellis, 1957 ) on psychological health and athletic performance are receiving