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Luis Columna, Denzil A. Streete, Samuel R. Hodge, Suzanna Rocco Dillon, Beth Myers, Michael L. Norris, Tiago V. Barreira and Kevin S. Heffernan

services at school) were included in the study. A total of 10 parents (one per family) from 15 participating families provided consent and participated in the interview process. Of the 10 participants, nine were mothers, and one participant was a father. All participants were recruited as part of a larger

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Meredith George and Matthew D. Curtner-Smith

. Table 1 Parent Characteristics Characteristic n Gender  Mothers 32  Fathers 7 Gender of children  Daughters 26  Sons 9  Daughters and sons 4 Race  Caucasian 17  African American 19  Native American 1  Greek 1  African 1 Age (years)  30–39 12  40–49 23  50–59 4 Location of formal education  Deep South 19

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Jenn M. Jacobs and Thomas Templin

. For example, it did not appear the civil rights movement, educational movements or events, or government policy served as the explicit impetus for Don’s “magic” with youth. However, his passion for helping kids with challenges clearly motivated the “father of TPSR.” His focus was on nurturing others

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Marissa A. Kobayashi, Tae Kyoung Lee, Rafael O. Leite, Blanca Noriega Esquives, Guillermo Prado, Sarah E. Messiah and Sara M. St. George

support from same sex parent–child dyads (ie, mothers with daughters or fathers with sons) has a stronger influence on the child’s PA versus different sex parent–child dyads (ie, mothers with sons or fathers with daughters 28 ); however, the literature is largely inconsistent with other differing studies

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Anne M. Merrem and Matthew D. Curtner-Smith

Shaped Heidi and Lisa’s Perspectives and Practices Acculturation Heidi and Lisa’s subjective warrants for PE and PETE clearly had their roots in their acculturation. Both were initially attracted to the profession by a love of sport that was modeled and instilled primarily by their fathers. For example

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Jeffrey Graham, Allison Smith and Sylvia Trendafilova

. Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, 78, 236 – 247 . doi: 10.1080/02701367.2007.10599421 10.1080/02701367.2007.10599421 Graham , J.A. , & Dixon , M.A. ( 2014 ). Coaching fathers in conflict: A review of the tensions surrounding the work-family interface . Journal of Sport Management, 28

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Kara L. Gavin, Julian Wolfson, Mark Pereira, Nancy Sherwood and Jennifer A. Linde

Life Events Survey List Event Marriage Detention in jail Death of spouse Major change to sleeping habits (much more or less sleep) Death of a close family member:  Mother  Father  Brother  Sister  Grandmother  Grandfather  Other_______ Major change in eating habits (much more or much less food intake

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Vera K. Tsenkova, Chioun Lee and Jennifer Morozink Boylan

): 95 – 104 . PubMed doi:10.1016/0009-8981(84)90251-1 6692569 10.1016/0009-8981(84)90251-1 39. Krieger N , Okamoto A , Selby JV . Adult female twins’ recall of childhood social class and father’s education: a validation study for public health research . Am J Epidemiol. 1998 ; 147 ( 7 ): 704

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Paulo Felipe Ribeiro Bandeira, Michael Duncan, Maria Luiza Pessoa, Ívina Soares, Larissa da Silva, Jorge Mota and Clarice Martins

.82, SD  = 0.48 years; M height  = 107.10, SD  =6.42 cm; median BMI = 15.9 [15.4–16.8] kg/m 2 ; median z -BMI = 0.23 [−0.13 to 0.78] units), who lived in deprived areas, and who were from low SES families (58.5% of the mothers or fathers were unemployed and over 56% of the mothers and 44% of the

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Mayrena I. Hernandez, Kevin M. Biese, Dan A. Schaefer, Eric G. Post, David R. Bell and M. Alison Brooks

the risk of injury in sports compared with children. Mothers are more concerned about injury when compared with fathers. 16 This is consistent with previous literature focusing on concussions, in which parents are more concerned than children and mothers are more concerned than fathers about