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Teresa Zwierko, Wojciech Jedziniak, Beata Florkiewicz, Halil İbrahim Ceylan, Piotr Lesiakowski, Marta Śliwiak, Marta Kirkiewicz and Wojciech Lubiński

: 31533339 doi: 10.3390/genes10090720 Ehrlich , J.R. , & Moroi , S.E. ( 2017 ). Glaucoma, cognitive decline, and healthy aging . JAMA Ophthalmology, 135 ( 7 ), 740 – 741 . PubMed ID: 28520839 doi: 10.1001/jamaophthalmol.2017.1278 Faul , F. , Erdfelder , E. , Lang , A.G. , & Buchner , A

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Catherine E. Tong, Joanie Sims Gould and Heather A. McKay

. , & Stathokostas , L. ( 2014 ). Correlates of extended sitting time in older adults: An exploratory cross-sectional analysis of the Canadian Community Health Survey Healthy Aging Cycle . International Journal of Public Health, 59 ( 6 ), 983 – 991 . PubMed ID: 24474191 doi:10.1007/s00038-014-0540-3 10.1007/s

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Dana M. Otzel, Chris J. Hass, Erik A. Wikstrom, Mark D. Bishop, Paul A. Borsa and Mark D. Tillman

vibration. Methods A total of 10 recreationally active individuals with CAI (18–35 y) and 10 healthy age-matched controls participated (Table  1 ). A power analysis, based on postural control improvements following WBV 26 indicated that a total sample of 20 participants, 10 in each group, was needed to

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Pedro Lopez, Mikel Izquierdo, Regis Radaelli, Graciele Sbruzzi, Rafael Grazioli, Ronei Silveira Pinto and Eduardo Lusa Cadore

Initiative on Frailty and Aging, 2003 ), which places frail individuals at greater risk of disability, hospitalization, morbidity, and death. Recently, a World Health Organization framework on healthy aging ( Beard et al., 2016 ) suggested that intrinsic capacity is a more affordable concept to assess

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Charlotte Woods, Lesley Glover and Julia Woodman

Alexander technique practitioners walk differently than healthy age-matched controls . Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies, 20 ( 4 ), 751 – 760 . PubMed ID: 27814855 doi:10.1016/j.jbmt.2016.04.009 10.1016/j.jbmt.2016.04.009 Jones , F.P . ( 1997 ). Freedom to change: The development and science

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Madhura Phansikar and Sean P. Mullen

impact of active travel on cognitive aspects important for healthy aging, such as executive functioning, is less clear. Although studies have shown that walking is associated with better cognitive functioning among older adults, these studies have focused on walking as a form of LTPA ( Abbott et

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Michael Annear, Tetsuhiro Kidokoro and Yasuo Shimizu

declining in developed countries for decades ( Dumith, Hallal, Reis, & Kohl, 2011 ; Hallal et al., 2012 ). Achievements in healthy aging and longevity in Japan are similarly threatened by reported decreases in population PA ( Althoff, Hicks, King, Delp, & Leskovec, 2017 ; Hallal et al., 2012 ). The

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Werner F. Helsen, Nikola Medic, Janet L. Starkes and Andrew M. Williams

constituent year effect impacts participation and performance in middle- and older-aged athletes is currently unknown. Such knowledge is crucial if we are to encourage extended participation in sport to promote successful and healthy aging through sport ( Geard, Rebar, Reaburn, & Dionigi, 2018 ; McKendry

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Dan M. Cooper

proof of principle study . Appl Physiol Nutr Metab . 2012 ; 37 : 308 – 14 . PubMed ID: 22452609 doi:10.1139/h2012-003 10.1139/h2012-003 22452609 18. Briggs AM , Cross MJ , Hoy DG , et al . Musculoskeletal health conditions represent a global threat to healthy aging: a report for the 2015

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Maria-Christina Kosteli, Jennifer Cumming and Sarah E. Williams

healthy aging. However, it is important to first understand the key determinants of PA behavior in this population, and how techniques that can increase PA relate to the different determinants. One of the most popular theories used to explain PA behavior in middle-aged and older adults is social cognitive