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Thomas M. Comyns, Eamonn P. Flanagan, Sean Fleming, Evan Fitzgerald and Damian J. Harper

Sport demands individuals to acquire and execute a vast repertoire of movement skills. A fundamental requirement to safe and efficient execution of these movement skills is the identification, development, and assessment of specific strength (dynamic, isometric, and reactive) qualities. 1 Reactive

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Gustavo Monnerat, Alex S. Maior, Marcio Tannure, Lia K.F.C. Back and Caleb G.M. Santos

; 42 ( 1 ): 71 – 73 . PubMed ID: 17550918 doi:10.1136/bjsm.2007.039172 10.1136/bjsm.2007.039172 17550918 25. Maguire J , Pearton R . The impact of elite labour migration on the identification, selection and development of European soccer players . J Sports Sci . 2000 ; 18 ( 9 ): 759 – 769

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Javier Raya-González, Fabio Yuzo Nakamura, Daniel Castillo, Javier Yanci and Maurizio Fanchini

identification to injury pattern recognition—narrative review and new concept . Br J Sports Med . 2016 ; 50 ( 21 ): 1309 – 1314 . PubMed ID: 27445362 doi:10.1136/bjsports-2015-095850 27445362 10.1136/bjsports-2015-095850

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Nico Hofman, Jac Orie, Marco J.M. Hoozemans, Carl Foster and Jos J. de Koning

successful from nonsuccessful speed skaters. 2 However, van Ingen Schenau et al 3 , 4 concluded that measures of anaerobic power did not appear to be of use in evaluating seasonal (eg, longitudinal) progression in performance or cross-sectional identification of performance-influencing factors in

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Seiichiro Takei, Kuniaki Hirayama and Junichi Okada

: 28912659 28912659 9. Kawamori N , Crum AJ , Blumert PA , et al . Influence of different relative intensities on power output during the hang power clean: identification of the optimal load . J Strength Cond Res . 2005 ; 19 : 698 – 708 . PubMed ID: 16095428 16095428 10. Kilduff LP , Bevan H

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Tshepang Tshube and Stephanie J. Hanrahan

the role of identifying talent in secondary schools through national competitions. Athletes who win at national championships are selected to represent Botswana at regional and international games. Following the identification of talent, secondary school coaches recommend that these athletes be sent

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Manuel Terraza-Rebollo and Ernest Baiget

training . Strength Cond J . 2011 ; 33 ( 4 ): 22 – 30 . doi:10.1519/SSC.0b013e318225d59a 10.1519/SSC.0b013e318225d59a 3. Martin C , Kulpa R , Ropars M , Delamarche P , Bideau B . Identification of temporal pathomechanical factors during the tennis serve . Med Sci Sports Exerc . 2013 ; 45

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Jim Denison

quote,” I say, “are important to understand to complete your essay.” I explain further. “The act of planning and the identification of KPI’s, as you all know by now, are central to coaching effectively. But what about your blind spots in this process, or your biases…your assumptions? Remember the

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Mauricio Castro-Sepulveda, Jorge Cancino, Rodrigo Fernández-Verdejo, Cristian Pérez-Luco, Sebastian Jannas-Vela, Rodrigo Ramirez-Campillo, Juan Del Coso and Hermann Zbinden-Foncea

 al., 2005 ). However, the identification of individual sweat Na + losses during soccer practices and matches might lead to a correct replenishment of Na + that, ultimately, would help in maintaining blood volume, thermoregulation, and performance ( Del Coso et al., 2008 ; Strazzullo & Leclercq, 2014

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Dan Weaving, Clive Beggs, Nicholas Dalton-Barron, Ben Jones and Grant Abt

talent identification 22 to assess the evolution of game play, 23 to develop performance indicators, 24 and to assess technique in athletes. 25 By orthogonalizing the data, these techniques enable complex high-dimensional systems to be represented on 2D or 3D scatterplots with minimal loss of