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Salomé Aubert, Julien Aucouturier, Jeremy Vanhelst, Alicia Fillon, Pauline Genin, Caroline Ganière, Corinne Praznoczy, Benjamin Larras, Julien Schipman, Martine Duclos and David Thivel

levels for the 6- to 10-year-olds is underestimated, as all children not using active transportation, regardless of their frequency of physical activity, could not be classified in the high level of physical activity category. Objective measurement methods and validated questionnaires that are utilized

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Andrew F. Clark, Joannah Campbell, Patricia Tucker, Piotr Wilk and Jason A. Gilliland

levels of PA. Limitations There are a few key limitations in this study. First, usage data were self-reported by participants. This study attempted to collect objective measurements of usage, but the 3 different service providers with unique registration software, combined with part-time staff who change

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Kara C. Hamilton, Mark T. Richardson, Shanda McGraw, Teirdre Owens and John C. Higginbotham

using a twin design . PLoS One . 2010 ; 5 ( 4 ): e10110 . PubMed ID: 20422046 doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0010110 10.1371/journal.pone.0010110 20422046 52. Riddoch CJ , Mattocks C , Deere K , et al . Objective measurement of levels and patterns of physical activity . Arch Dis Child . 2007

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Nicolas Robin, Lucette Toussaint, Guillaume R. Coudevylle, Shelly Ruart, Olivier Hue and Stephane Sinnapah

). Further research is needed using objective measurements of APA, such as heart rate monitoring, pedometers, or doubly labeled water. References Albinet , C. , Boucard , G. , Bouquet , C. , & Audiffren , M. ( 2010 ). Increased heart rate variability and executive performance after aerobic training

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Athina Liacos, Angela T. Burge, Narelle S. Cox and Anne E. Holland

ID: 16738033 doi:10.1136/thx.2006.060145 10.1136/thx.2006.060145 Garcia-Rio , F. , Rojo , B. , Casitas , R. , Lores , V. , Madero , R. , Romero , D. , … Villasante , C. ( 2012 ). Prognostic value of the objective measurement of daily physical activity in patients with COPD . Chest

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David Geard, Amanda L. Rebar, Peter Reaburn and Rylee A. Dionigi

research should supplement self-reported successful aging assessment with objective measurement techniques, and include interventions and longitudinal studies to investigate successful aging over time. Sixth, in addition to the age-related differences that were detected in the present study, evidence

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John M. Schuna Jr., Daniel S. Hsia, Catrine Tudor-Locke and Neil M. Johannsen

.1186/1479-5868-9-128 23101767 9. Ryan CG , Grant PM , Dall PM , Granat MH . Sitting patterns at work: objective measurement of adherence to current recommendations . Ergonomics . 2011 ; 54 ( 6 ): 531 – 538 . doi:10.1080/00140139.2011.570458 10.1080/00140139.2011.570458 10. Bureau of Labor Statistics . American

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Philip Furley, Fanny Thrien, Johannes Klinge and Jannik Dörr

influenced in their performance assessments by claims expressed by professional surfers. The Present Research Judgments of competitive performance are omnipresent in various sports. Although the outcome of some sport competitions can be determined by objective measurement (e.g., time in the 100-m sprint), an

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Michael P. Corcoran, Miriam E. Nelson, Jennifer M. Sacheck, Kieran F. Reid, Dylan Kirn, Roger A. Fielding, Kenneth K.H. Chui and Sara C. Folta

Trial (FAST) . The Journal of the American Medical Association, 277 ( 1 ), 25 – 31 . PubMed doi: 10.1001/jama.1997.03540250033028 Evenson , K.R. , Buchner , D.M. , & Morland , K.B. ( 2012 ). Objective measurement of physical activity and sedentary behavior among US adults aged 60 years or

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Wuber J.S. Soares, Alexandre D. Lopes, Eduardo Nogueira, Victor Candido, Suzana A. de Moraes and Monica R. Perracini

that we selected only prospective studies with a specific and objective measurement of PA. Although a large number of participants were included in our meta-analysis, a small number of studies were included. In interpreting the results, several limitations of this meta-analysis should also be