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Paula B. Debien, Marcelly Mancini, Danilo R. Coimbra, Daniel G.S. de Freitas, Renato Miranda and Maurício G. Bara Filho

jump tests were performed before the training sessions, it is possible that the training load of the day before could have influenced the jump performance. 37 This highlights the difficulties in assessing and intervening in the training routine of professional sports teams and explains the few

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Jahan Heidari, Jürgen Beckmann, Maurizio Bertollo, Michel Brink, K. Wolfgang Kallus, Claudio Robazza and Michael Kellmann

gaining importance and popularity in elite and professional sports. It should be noted that recovery–stress monitoring needs to be conducted on a multidimensional, psychophysiological level to register subtle performance-related changes at the right time so that person- and situation

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Kevin S. Spink and Kayla Fesser

Social Psychology, 51 , 629 – 636 . doi:10.1037/h0046408 10.1037/h0046408 Fransen , K. , Haslam , S.A. , Mallett , C.J. , Steffends , N.K. , Peters , K. , & Boen , F. ( 2017 ). Is perceived athlete leadership quality related to team effectiveness? A comparison of three professional sports

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Nadège Levallet, Norm O’Reilly, Elizabeth Wanless, Michael Naraine, Ethan Alkon and Wade Longmire

creatively justify the expense to get university approval, especially in public universities ( Smith, 2017a ). Unlike professional sports teams, which function as for-profit businesses with owners providing significant resources, a college athletic department is a non-profit enterprise. Very few athletic

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Jason Reese

elasticity in professional sports . Journal of Sports Economics, 8 , 183 – 191 . doi: 10.1177/1527002505275093 10.1177/1527002505275093 Moe , W. , & Fader , P.S. ( 2009 ). The role of price tiers in advance purchasing of event tickets . Journal of Service Research, 12 , 73 – 86 . doi: 10

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Andrzej Gawrecki, Aleksandra Araszkiewicz, Agnieszka Szadkowska, Grzegorz Biegański, Jan Konarski, Katarzyna Domaszewska, Arkadiusz Michalak, Bogda Skowrońska, Anna Adamska, Dariusz Naskręt, Przemysława Jarosz-Chobot, Agnieszka Szypowska, Tomasz Klupa and Dorota Zozulińska-Ziółkiewicz

made physical activity common among people with diabetes. Moreover, besides engaging in recreational exercise, patients with T1DM often pursue professional sports, including extreme sports that provoke maximal effort ( 13 ). During sport, diabetologists aim to maintain optimal blood glucose levels in

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Robyn Lubisco, Genevieve F.E. Birren and Ryan Vooris

308%. This growth in the field of sport management mirrors the expansion of the sport industry. Fueled by the increasing value of television contracts, the value of franchises and the revenue generated for professional sports leagues continues to escalate ( Pedersen, Laucella, Kian, & Geurin, 2017

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Samuele Contemori, Andrea Biscarini, Fabio M. Botti, Daniele Busti, Roberto Panichi and Vito E. Pettorossi

the UQYBT in high school age baseball and softball players. 23 However, none of those players had a professional sports background. 23 Therefore, this study is the only one that has used the UQYBT to assess the dynamic stability of the shoulder in professional overhead-activity players. Isolated

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Courteney L. Benjamin, William M. Adams, Ryan M. Curtis, Yasuki Sekiguchi, Gabrielle E.W. Giersch and Douglas J. Casa

impacted sleep characteristics in a variety of professional sports when compared to rest days ( Sargent, Lastella, et al., 2014 ). To date, no literature exists that has examined National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division 1 (DI) female cross-country runner’s sleep characteristics throughout

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Steven Salaga, Scott Tainsky and Michael Mondello

league and its member franchises have financially benefitted from the operation of the offshore sports wagering market. Because professional sports franchises are profit driven, they will naturally continue to seek out ways to extract additional revenue from betting market operations. Given the