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Shelby Waldron, J.D. DeFreese, Brian Pietrosimone, Johna Register-Mihalik and Nikki Barczak

Study Variables ( N  = 243) Variable 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 1. Burnout .92 2. Red Acc .81** .85 3. Exhaustion .81** .41** .91 4. Spt Dev .90** .67** .59** .86 5. Sport Stress .67** .74** .41** .58** .81 6. Social −.41** −.42** −.22** −.40** −.43** .91 7. Intrinsic −.64** −.52** −.39** −.69

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Samuel López-Carril and Christos Anagnostopoulos

Within the “philanthropic” stream specifically, the majority of CSR-COVID-19 actions (28, or 39%) fell into the “raises money” category. For example, Atlético de Madrid, in collaboration with the Red Cross, launched the “#LoDamosTodo” campaign that aimed to raise money with the purpose of purchasing

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Michael M. Goldman and David P. Hedlund

content. Nebraska’s annual Red-White Football Spring Game, which had previously attracted approximately 85,000 people, was scheduled for April 18, 2020. The Nebraska Athletic Department responded by broadcasting an Xbox-simulated NCAA Football 14 video game on April 18, 2020, using rosters made up of

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Khirey B. Walker, Chad S. Seifried and Brian P. Soebbing

financial aid = 134 cases Improper recruiting entertainment = 109 cases Extra benefits = 100 cases 1-year probation = 146 cases 1-year postseason ban = 111 cases 2-year probation = 96 cases 2-year postseason ban = 63 cases Red. fin. aid = 59 cases Constitutional Compliance; Membership Committee

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Aaron C. Mansfield

White (23). Tinson et al. ( 2017 ) called for future parent–fan research to include diverse sport contexts. Given this call and my focus on fan identity, I did not seek fans from one specific context. Each participant identified with multiple teams (e.g., the New England Patriots, Boston Red Sox, and

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Julien Louis, Fabrice Vercruyssen, Olivier Dupuy and Thierry Bernard

(500 ml) 18  Greek-style yogurt (200 g) 12 Vegetal sources  Tofu/soy meat (∼100 g) 16  Soy milk (500 ml) 12  Boiled pasta (∼200 g) 11  Chick peas (∼100 g) 7  Red kidney beans (∼100 g) 7  Boiled rice (∼200 g) 5  Almonds (∼12g = 12 units) 2.5 Note . Nutritional information calculated with nutrition

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Mariane F.B. Bacelar, Keith R. Lohse and Matthew W. Miller

embedded symbol (square or circle), symbol’s color (green or red) and number of symbols (one or two). Originally, the card’s background color (i.e., blue or yellow) was included as the fourth irrelevant dimension. After a series of pilot studies, we decided to keep the card’s background color (i

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Loriane Favoretto, Zach Hutchison, Claire M. Mowling and Melissa M. Pangelinan

terciles are indicated as circle (in red online) (high <28.13), squares (in green online) (middle =28.12–58.33), and × (in blue online) (low >58.33). Figure  2 (bottom) depicts pre- and post-test process scores for the backhand. The individual data (left) and group means and standard deviations (right

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Ivan A. Trujillo-Priego, Judy Zhou, Inge F. Werner, Weiyang Deng and Beth A. Smith

day of infant #1. Red rectangles show when a sleep period (nap) was detected. Green and magenta rectangles show the 20 minute pre- and post-nap periods respectively. Bottom panel: Full-wave rectified acceleration signal is shown in black. The red rectangle shows when a sleep period was detected. The

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Nancy W. Glynn, Alexa J. Meinhardt, Kelsea R. LaSorda, Jessica L. Graves, Theresa Gmelin, Allison M. Gerger, Paolo Caserotti and Robert M. Boudreau

between self-report measures of physical activity (PASE and CHAMPS) against SWA, grouped by physical function. Physical function status was defined using SPPB and gait speed, where higher function was defined as an SPPB score ≥10 or gait speed of ≥1 m/s. Blue (dots) and red (triangles) indicate lower