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Jian Chen, Bruce Oddson and Heather C. Gilbert

, with a questionnaire pertaining to respondent’s symptoms of the most recent concussion as well as injury history, we try to examine the effect of multiple concussions on the spectrum of concussion symptoms as compared with those who sustained their first concussion. Methods Study Design This study used

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Dawn C. Mackey, Alexander D. Perkins, Kaitlin Hong Tai, Joanie Sims-Gould and Heather A. McKay

options to promote sustainability over the long-term. The personal action plan specified what, where, when, how, and with whom physical activities would take place. The activity coach encouraged participants to work toward undertaking physical activity three to five times per week in a progressive manner

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Kara C. Hamilton, Mark T. Richardson, Shanda McGraw, Teirdre Owens and John C. Higginbotham

interventions, however, have had little effect on overall PA levels, as these interventions rely, not on intrinsic motivation, but on extrinsic motivation guided by external reward or coercion, a strategy that has shown little success in achieving sustainable behavior change. 14 Rather than attempting to

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Davide Ferioli, Andrea Bosio, Johann C. Bilsborough, Antonio La Torre, Michele Tornaghi and Ermanno Rampinini

, respectively. The instantaneous running speed sustained by each player during the COD levels was recorded using a radar device (Stalker ATS; Radar Sales, Minneapolis, MN). Furthermore, actual instantaneous metabolic power was estimated to quantify the actual exercise intensity during each COD level using the

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Duane Knudson, Ting Liu, Dan Schmidt and Heather Van Mullem

-campus collaborative opportunities, but he or she may also struggle with an atmosphere that emphasizes teaching over research. As a result, we have had success with retention when hiring junior faculty who demonstrate teaching excellence first and foremost, along with a productive and sustainable research agenda. Thus

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Karen Tonge, Rachel A. Jones and Anthony D. Okely

free routines offering choice and independence, elements that contribute to sustained engagement, and uninterrupted time that afford quality experiences. 32 Cross-cultural research shows the value of child-initiated play, including the affordance of choice and independence across a range of

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Katie Crockett, Saija A. Kontulainen, Jonathan P. Farthing, Philip D. Chilibeck, Brenna Bath, Adam D.G. Baxter-Jones and Catherine M. Arnold

identified as a marker of osteoporosis, and a strong predictor of future fracture (OR 1.5–95% CI 1.2-1.8) ( Kelsey et al., 2005 ; Osteoporosis Canada, 2013 ). With women at a greater risk of sustaining a wrist fracture than men ( Edwards et al., 2006 ; Nguyen, Center, Sambrook, & Eisman, 2001 ), and

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Jared D. Ramer, María E. Santiago-Rodríguez, Catherine L. Davis, David X. Marquez, Stacy L. Frazier and Eduardo E. Bustamante

assigned to the PA program would demonstrate greater improvements on academic outcomes than those assigned to the AC group; (2) group differences favoring the PA program in academic records would sustain in the quarter after program termination; and (3) children assigned to the PA program would exhibit

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Joerg Teichmann, Rachel Tan, Kim Hébert-Losier, Yeo Wee Kian, Shabana Jalal Din, Ananthi Subramaniam, Dietmar Schmidtbleicher and C. Martyn Beaven

effectiveness of current rehabilitation practices and return-to-play assessments can be questioned as studies report reinjury rates as high as 49%. 4 Only 55% of 94 patients reported to successfully return to preinjury levels of sports participation 1 year postsurgery, 5 and the risk of sustaining an

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Scott Westfall

turnaround. Until now, sport psychology research pertaining to coaching has mainly focused on leadership, communication, motivation, group dynamics, and creating/sustaining team cultures (e.g.,  Carron & Eys, 2012 ; Chelladurai, 2007 ; Donoso-Morales, Bloom, & Caron, 2017 ; Duda, Balaguer, Jowett