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Dana M. Lis, Daniel Kings and D. Enette Larson-Meyer

are superior to omnivorous diets for improving athletic training, health, or performance. Fasting Diets Fasting is characterized by the absence of energy intake for sustained period of time ranging from several hours to days ( Maughan et al., 2010 ). It is not a new concept, but an age-old practice

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Thomas Haugen, Gøran Paulsen, Stephen Seiler and Øyvind Sandbakk

/peak anaerobic power for athletes. These Italian researchers developed a simple stair-running test and showed that peak power was reached after 1.5 to 2 seconds and could be sustained for 4 to 5 seconds. Later, scientists have proposed and applied specific tests for varying modalities. The test specificities for

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Matthew David Cook and Mark Elisabeth Theodorus Willems

anthocyanins (80 mg/day) do not affect muscle damage and fatigue sustained from the marathon. Bell et al. ( 2014 ) examined in trained cyclists the responses of Montmorency cherry extract on multiple bouts of 109-min stochastic road cycling simulation with intake 4 days precycling and 3 consecutive days of

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Katherine Elizabeth Black, Alistair David Black and Dane Frances Baker

unlikely to be sustainable and may reflect underreporting in the dietary assessment, which is common with a food record especially if food is consumed frequently with snacks not being recorded. Alternatively, there could have been an overassessment in energy expended, especially as the study reported an

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Arturo Casado and Andrew Renfree

sustain, or else to conserve resources for subsequent rounds by qualifying with minimal effort. “Inferior” athletes may aim to increase their probability of qualification through either relying on good tactical positioning and a high finishing speed to beat superior athletes or alternatively may aim to

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Thomas M. Comyns, Eamonn P. Flanagan, Sean Fleming, Evan Fitzgerald and Damian J. Harper

usefulness of the 10/5 RJT test for detecting the smallest worthwhile change (SWC) was not evaluated. Given the potential for rebound RSI jump performance to monitor changes in ankle joint stiffness particularly in the eccentric phase, 16 the capacity to sustain high eccentric muscle activity or reactive

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Bruno Ferreira Viana, Flávio Oliveira Pires, Allan Inoue and Tony Meireles Santos

in both the HP and LP groups but decreased 5% to 7% relative to OBLA as the XCO test progressed, thereby suggesting that the capacity to sustain OBLA may be important in XCO performance. 2 Note that although there was a significant correlation observed between W absolute and OBLA power output in

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Jason D. Vescovi and Greig Watson

Field hockey is an intermittent team sport that requires a high level of fitness to sustain physical, technical, and mental performance during training sessions and matches. Male players cover approximately 7 km during a regulation match ( Lythe & Kilding, 2011 ) and 5–10 km during a typical 2-hr

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Boris Dugonjić, Saša Krstulović and Goran Kuvačić

in many different weight categories is to ensure equitable matches in strength, agility, and leverage ( Artioli et al., 2010 ). Naturally, each athlete is very concerned about the weight limit and tries to sustain his or her body weight (BW) as close as possible to the upper weight limit, which

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Andressa Silva, Fernanda V. Narciso, Igor Soalheiro, Fernanda Viegas, Luísa S.N. Freitas, Adriano Lima, Bruno A. Leite, Haroldo C. Aleixo, Rob Duffield and Marco T. de Mello

each team on the day of the athlete’s injury. These data were collected in a similar way in both clubs, as the medical team prematched these data in the state of Minas Gerais for professional soccer players. An injury is defined as any physical complaint sustained by a player that results from a soccer