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Dana M. Lis, Daniel Kings and D. Enette Larson-Meyer

are superior to omnivorous diets for improving athletic training, health, or performance. Fasting Diets Fasting is characterized by the absence of energy intake for sustained period of time ranging from several hours to days ( Maughan et al., 2010 ). It is not a new concept, but an age-old practice

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Matthew David Cook and Mark Elisabeth Theodorus Willems

anthocyanins (80 mg/day) do not affect muscle damage and fatigue sustained from the marathon. Bell et al. ( 2014 ) examined in trained cyclists the responses of Montmorency cherry extract on multiple bouts of 109-min stochastic road cycling simulation with intake 4 days precycling and 3 consecutive days of

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Thomas Haugen, Gøran Paulsen, Stephen Seiler and Øyvind Sandbakk

/peak anaerobic power for athletes. These Italian researchers developed a simple stair-running test and showed that peak power was reached after 1.5 to 2 seconds and could be sustained for 4 to 5 seconds. Later, scientists have proposed and applied specific tests for varying modalities. The test specificities for

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Luana T. Rossato, Camila T.M. Fernandes, Públio F. Vieira, Flávia M.S. de Branco, Paula C. Nahas, Guilherme M. Puga and Erick P. de Oliveira

, characterized by their voluntary withdrawal. The V peak of the incremental test was calculated based on the velocity of the last complete stage, where V peak  = full V  +  t / T  × increase in speed. In this equation, full V was the speed (km·h −1 ) in the last stage, t was the time (s) sustained during

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Neil D. Clarke, Darren L. Richardson, James Thie and Richard Taylor

nonselectively blocks adenosine receptors and competitively inhibits the action of adenosine, which during exercise can lower pain perception, increase neuro-excitability, and sustain motor unit firing. 2 Therefore, adenosine receptor antagonism is the leading hypothesis as to how caffeine could have an

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Arturo Casado and Andrew Renfree

sustain, or else to conserve resources for subsequent rounds by qualifying with minimal effort. “Inferior” athletes may aim to increase their probability of qualification through either relying on good tactical positioning and a high finishing speed to beat superior athletes or alternatively may aim to

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M. Travis Byrd, Jonathan Robert Switalla, Joel E. Eastman, Brian J. Wallace, Jody L. Clasey and Haley C. Bergstrom

anaerobic power measurement in college football players . J Strength Cond Res . 1989 ; 3 ( 4 ): 101 – 106 . doi:10.1519/00124278-198911000-00004 23. McClave SA , LeBlanc M , Hawkins SA . Sustainability of critical power determined by a 3-minute all-out test in elite cyclists . J Strength Cond

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Boris Dugonjić, Saša Krstulović and Goran Kuvačić

in many different weight categories is to ensure equitable matches in strength, agility, and leverage ( Artioli et al., 2010 ). Naturally, each athlete is very concerned about the weight limit and tries to sustain his or her body weight (BW) as close as possible to the upper weight limit, which

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Jeremiah J. Peiffer, Chris R. Abbiss, Eric C. Haakonssen and Paolo Menaspà

published finish times for each cyclist, the final 1 minute of each race was isolated and plotted against time for the determination of the final sprint. The final sprint was defined as the point at which a rapid and sustained increase in power output was observed, immediately before the completion of the

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Olfa Turki, Wissem Dhahbi, Johnny Padulo, Riadh Khalifa, Sana Ridène, Khaled Alamri, Mirjana Milić, Sabri Gueid and Karim Chamari

ID: 17313299 doi:10.1519/00124278-200702000-00040 10.1519/00124278-200702000-00040 17313299 24. Fattahi-Bafghi A , Amiri-Khorasani M . Sustaining effect of different stretching methods on power and agility after warm-up exercise in soccer players . World Appl Sci J . 2013 ; 21 ( 4 ): 520