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Christine E. Roberts, Louise H. Phillips, Clare L. Cooper, Stuart Gray and Julia L. Allan

.A. , Lohman , E.B. , Thorpe , D. , Johnson , E.G. , Medina , E. , & Bradley , B. ( 2012 ). The effect of virtual reality gaming on dynamic balance in older adults . Age and Ageing, 41 ( 4 ), 549 – 552 . PubMed doi:10.1093/ageing/afs053 * Rodrigues , B.G.D. , Ali Cader , S. , Bento Torres

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Mika R. Moran, Perla Werner, Israel Doron, Neta HaGani, Yael Benvenisti, Abby C. King, Sandra J. Winter, Jylana L. Sheats, Randi Garber, Hadas Motro and Shlomit Ergon

groups), spatial qualitative methods (i.e., PhotoVoice, observations, walk-along interviews, and virtual reality experiments) have been found to better reflect the unique environmental needs of older adults (e.g., access to resting areas) ( Moran et al., 2014 ). However, studies employing spatial

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Chad M. Killian, Christopher J. Kinder and Amelia Mays Woods

learning experiences ( Berge & Clark, 2005 ). In addition to online virtual schools and proprietary online courses for credit, there are a variety of ways schools and teachers can leverage the Internet to provide online-based learning opportunities for students. For example, popular online learning

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Brigid M. Lynch, Andrea Ramirez Varela and Terry Boyle

. For example, the Council will provide members with the following: • Newsletters describing key concepts and methods and highlighting recent publications that have employed causal inference or quantitative bias analysis methods to address physical activity–related questions. • A virtual journal club

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Samantha J.D. Jeske, Lawrence R. Brawley and Kelly P. Arbour-Nicitopoulos

time allocated to learning with the group self-regulatory skills ( M  = 4.07 out of 5; SD  = 0.81), the virtual learning and social environment ( M  = 3.70 out of 5; SD  = 0.79), and the perceived ease of use of the videoconference platform ( M  = 4.68 out of 5, SD  = 0.42). Intervention Resources

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Mariane F.B. Bacelar, Keith R. Lohse and Matthew W. Miller

Participation System at Auburn University, and by word-of-mouth. A total of four course credits was offered in exchange for participation when applicable, in addition to 480 raffle tickets 2 to be entered into a virtual drawing for $200 USD. (A participant was indeed awarded $200 based on the raffle

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Alan L. Smith, Karl Erickson and Leapetswe Malete

contemporary safety hazards that will be anticipated and mitigated by future advancements in artificial intelligence. Virtual reality and wearable technologies may become enhanced in ways that not only provide movement and other data that supplement sport and activity experiences but also offer hedonic and

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Bradley D. Hatfield, Calvin M. Lu and Jo B. Zimmerman

accelerated learning, virtual-immersion practice settings, neurofeedback, resilience to stress, sport management organizations that promote athlete development, team dynamics, trust, cognitive load, and assistive robotics and human-machine interfacing, as well as rehabilitation optimization. We covered a rich

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Sandra J. Shultz and Randy J. Schmitz

sporting environment ( Grooms et al., 2018 ). Given that neuromuscular training programs may benefit from the addition of ecologically valid environments to help transfer clinical gains to the sporting environment, virtual-reality and augmented-reality technologies might be of benefit ( Shultz et al., 2019

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Geoffrey M. Hudson and Kyle Sprow

helps to improve adherence to exercise programs and meet physical activity and health-related goals. Social media, virtual support groups, and fitness apps with community support can help to provide the encouragement and motivation necessary to facilitate these behavior changes. 28 Additional