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Matthew Jenkins, Elaine A. Hargreaves and Ken Hodge

Globally, many individuals fail to maintain physical activity (PA), and this is recognized as negatively contributing to public health ( World Health Organization, 2018 ). Therefore, investigating factors that support PA maintenance is an important endeavour ( Anderson, Mota, & Pietro, 2016 ). The

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María Hernández, Fabrício Zambom-Ferraresi, Pilar Cebollero, Javier Hueto, José Antonio Cascante and María M. Antón

Recently, several studies have observed that reduced levels of physical activity are associated with an increased risk of mortality in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) ( García-Aymerich, Lange, Benet, Schnohr, & Antó, 2006 ; Pitta et al., 2005 ; Troosters et al., 2010

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Salomé Aubert, Julien Aucouturier, Jeremy Vanhelst, Alicia Fillon, Pauline Genin, Caroline Ganière, Corinne Praznoczy, Benjamin Larras, Julien Schipman, Martine Duclos and David Thivel

Despite concerted efforts to promote physical activity and the development of strategies to reduce sedentary time, scientific data continue to reveal insufficient levels of physical activity 1 – 5 and increasing time devoted to sedentary behaviors 1 , 4 , 6 – 8 among children and youth

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Giovanni Mario Pes, Maria Pina Dore, Alessandra Errigo and Michel Poulain

Human longevity is a multifaceted trait likely due to numerous interacting causes ( Christensen & Vaupel, 1996 ). Among the modifiable factors that have been associated with longer survival, persistent physical activity plays an important role ( Lissner, Bengtsson, Björkelund, & Wedel, 1996

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Nicolas Aguilar-Farias, Wendy J. Brown, Tina L. Skinner and G.M.E.E. (Geeske) Peeters

Most subjective and objective methods for measuring physical activity depend to some extent on the use of metabolic equivalent (MET) values. These MET values are used to account for the intensity of different activities when estimating total energy expenditure (EE) during a period, or to classify

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Tracy Nau, Karen Lee, Ben J. Smith, William Bellew, Lindsey Reece, Peter Gelius, Harry Rutter and Adrian Bauman

Action Plan on Physical Activity (GAPPA) 10 has stipulated 4 strategic objectives including “active societies,” “active environments,” “active people,” and “active systems,” while identifying explicit policy actions to guide the comprehensive approach required to tackle inactivity within populations

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Rebekka Pomiersky, Bastian Abel, Christian Werner, André Lacroix, Klaus Pfeiffer, Martina Schäufele and Klaus Hauer

Positive effects of physical activity (PA) on health outcomes, such as the prevention of stroke, cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, and depression, are well documented for the older population ( Chodzko-Zajko et al., 2009 ). Sedentary, multimorbid persons with dementia (PwD) represent a high

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Heather Hayes Betz, Joey C. Eisenmann, Kelly R. Laurson, Katrina D. DuBose, Mathew J. Reeves, Joseph J. Carlson and Karin A. Pfeiffer

, 26 ) and between body mass index (BMI) and blood pressure ( 2 , 28 , 49 ). Physical activity, a cornerstone in the prevention and treatment of obesity and cardiovascular disease, has been shown to be inversely related to fatness in both children and adults ( 16 ), but the relationship between

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Marianne Jover, Mathilde Cellier and Celine Scola

vocalizing, as well as imitation and general motor activity ( Trevarthen, 1986 ). However, the contribution of motor behavior to early communication and its development has seldom been studied. According to Thelen ( 1981 ), very early on, the repetitive nature of infants’ rhythmic movements lends them a

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Komeil Dashti Rostami, Aynollah Naderi and Abbey Thomas

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury occurs frequently during athletic activity, precipitating numerous immediate and long-term consequences such as pain, disability, and ultimately joint degeneration. 1 In many individuals with ACL injury, altered movement patterns have been demonstrated