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Chih-Hsiang Yang and David E. Conroy

they had any mobility limitations or contraindications for regular light physical activity. The Pennsylvania State University Institutional Review Board approved the study protocol and all advertising materials. Figure 1 —CONSORT flow diagram of mindful walking program. Over 6 weeks of advertising

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Wonseok Jang, Yong Jae Ko, Daniel L. Wann and Daehwan Kim

recognition and brand attitudes following exposure to subtle versus blatant product placements in television programs . Journal of Advertising, 41 ( 2 ), 55 – 66 . doi: 10.2753/JOA0091-3367410204 Gino , F. , Schweitzer , M.E. , Mead , N.L. , & Ariely , D. ( 2011 ). Unable to resist temptation

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Aysha M. Thomas, Kayleigh M. Beaudry, Kimbereley L. Gammage, Panagiota Klentrou and Andrea R. Josse

, employment hours, homework, class schedule, income, lack of advertising, available free time, and overcrowded facilities were significant barriers to PA involvement ( P  < .05), producing small to medium (ie, class sizes, homework, and overcrowded facilities) effect sizes. Table 7 Factors Affecting

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Mark Lowes and Christopher Robillard

routines and professional practices is an understanding of advertising’s value to news organizations and their relationship with major-league sport. Key to this relationship is the concept of the audience commodity. Well established in the scholarly literature, the concept of the audience commodity posits

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André Luiz Galvim, Isabela Martins Oliveira, Tatiane Vieira Martins, Leonardo Moreira Vieira, Natália Caroline Cerri, Natália Oiring de Castro Cezar, Renata Valle Pedroso and Grace Angélica de Oliveira Gomes

, well-being, living well, physical conditioning, and liking the advertising group. The participants heard about the program by means of flyers (33%), friends/relatives (24%), word of mouth (6%), sound-equipped car (5%), referral from health professionals (5%), poster (6%), TV/Internet (4%), seeing the

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Robert J. Lake

advertising around their grounds. Pignon ( 1997 ) wrote, While other [tournaments], because of extreme commercial pressures, have forsaken many of their ideals . . . Wimbledon remains free of any shackles of direct sponsorship; there are no court-side advertisements, or hoardings anywhere within the grounds

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Ceyda Mumcu and Gil Fried

specifically at MLS. I was busy taking notes on what he was saying. He said that the reason a team drafts a certain player is typically obvious: to fill a need (or needs). Similarly, the reason that teams pick certain logos, colors, fonts, advertising campaigns, and promotions is the same exact reason—to fill

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Xiaochen Zhou, Daniel C. Funk, Lu Lu and Thilo Kunkel

.E. ( 2006 ). The effects of gender on processing advertising and product trial information . Marketing Letters, 17 ( 1 ), 5 – 16 . doi: 10.1007/s11002-006-3545-8 Kwon , H.H. , Trail , G. , & James , J.D. ( 2007 ). The mediating role of perceived value: Team identification and purchase intention

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Jan Wilke, Kristin Kalo, Daniel Niederer, Lutz Vogt and Winfried Banzer

healthy individuals between 13 and 87 years ( M age  = 45 [21] y, 85 males) were included after recruitment by means of personal addressing and poster advertising. Exclusion criteria comprised severe orthopedic, cardiovascular, neurological, psychiatric, or endocrine diseases, permanent drug intake or

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Sungwook Son, Antonio S. Williams and Yoon Heo

, and Heo : You have mentioned that your duties include promotion of both the team and players. Are you also in charge of promoting players? Heo : Player-related PR includes advertising our players. It covers various promotional activities, from developing a new star player to promoting individual