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Robin Healy, Ian C. Kenny and Andrew J. Harrison

. Practitioners should also be wary of directly comparing athletes’ RSI or RSR values or using RSI or RSR group normative values, as aggregate scores may mask valuable information about individual strategies. Consequently, values should always be presented with the corresponding CTs and JHs or FTs to give greater

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Mhairi J. MacDonald, Samantha G. Fawkner, Ailsa G. Niven and David Rowe

-CPX; Viasys Healthcare, Höchberg, Germany). The participants breathed through an appropriately sized tight-fitting mask (Hans Rudolph Inc, Shawnee Mission, KS) with the total dead space volume, including turbine, of 120 mL. The gas analyzer, volume sensor, and turbine were calibrated according to the

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Mads S. Larsen, Dagmar Clausen, Astrid Ank Jørgensen, Ulla R. Mikkelsen and Mette Hansen

during the study period. The subjects were blinded to the content of the presleep beverages. To mask the content, each drink (protein and carbohydrate) came in two flavors (protein: apple and grapefruit; carbohydrate: berry and pomegranate). Each subject received the same flavored drink every night by

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Jules Woolf and Jess C. Dixon

decision making ( Ito & Urland, 2003 ). Under such conditions, people may engage in casuistry to mask questionable behavior (i.e., sexism or racism) to avoid the appearance of being biased ( Norton, Vandello, & Darley, 2004 ). The complete candidate profiles were pilot tested with three colleagues who were

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Nancy Getchell, Nadja Schott and Ali Brian

Control Designs The notion of age as an independent variable is both inherent and problematic within cross-sectional designs because there is an underlying assumption that all children within an age group are somehow the same. Using age as an independent variable masks individual differences in motor

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Chen Chen and Daniel S. Mason

scrutiny. However, these designs, argued Godwell ( 2000 ), tended to set Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders to the past and render invisible their existence in contemporary Australian society, therefore masking the real issues at stake in Australia. This tokenism was further exemplified by the failure

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Louise M. Burke, Asker E. Jeukendrup, Andrew M. Jones and Martin Mooses

 al., 2018a ). Table 4 Summary of Caffeine Supplementation and Performance of Distance Events Overview (see Burke, 2008 ; Southward et al., 2018a ; Spriet, 2014 ) Mechanism of action • Adenosine receptor antagonist with a large range of effects • Major effects during endurance exercise include masking of

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Rachel Arnold, David Fletcher and Jennifer A. Hobson

& Williams, 2002 ), are better performers and more successful across a range of professions. Since the publication of Cleckley’s ( 1941/1988 ) landmark monograph, The Mask of Sanity , various researchers have investigated the possibility of the “successful psychopath” ( Hall & Benning, 2006 , p. 459

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Cecilia Hoi Sze Chan, Amy Sau Ching Ha and Johan Yau Yin Ng

according to age, and sex ( LeGear et al., 2012 ; Spessato et al., 2013b ). The non-aligned measures may potentially mask these associations ( Liong et al., 2015 ). Further research using matched assessments of actual and perceived movement skills will help to understand these associations. Furthermore

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Angela Devereux-Fitzgerald, Rachael Powell and David P. French

state, and whether this also includes energy expenditure, could be pertinent to older adults with limited resources. Conclusion Conflation of time and energy may be masking some factors of older adults’ acceptability of physical activity. Enjoyment in many forms appears to increase older adults