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Rachel Arnold, David Fletcher and Jennifer A. Hobson

& Williams, 2002 ), are better performers and more successful across a range of professions. Since the publication of Cleckley’s ( 1941/1988 ) landmark monograph, The Mask of Sanity , various researchers have investigated the possibility of the “successful psychopath” ( Hall & Benning, 2006 , p. 459

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Nancy Getchell, Nadja Schott and Ali Brian

Control Designs The notion of age as an independent variable is both inherent and problematic within cross-sectional designs because there is an underlying assumption that all children within an age group are somehow the same. Using age as an independent variable masks individual differences in motor

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Chen Chen and Daniel S. Mason

scrutiny. However, these designs, argued Godwell ( 2000 ), tended to set Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders to the past and render invisible their existence in contemporary Australian society, therefore masking the real issues at stake in Australia. This tokenism was further exemplified by the failure

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Louise M. Burke, Asker E. Jeukendrup, Andrew M. Jones and Martin Mooses

 al., 2018a ). Table 4 Summary of Caffeine Supplementation and Performance of Distance Events Overview (see Burke, 2008 ; Southward et al., 2018a ; Spriet, 2014 ) Mechanism of action • Adenosine receptor antagonist with a large range of effects • Major effects during endurance exercise include masking of

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Cecilia Hoi Sze Chan, Amy Sau Ching Ha and Johan Yau Yin Ng

according to age, and sex ( LeGear et al., 2012 ; Spessato et al., 2013b ). The non-aligned measures may potentially mask these associations ( Liong et al., 2015 ). Further research using matched assessments of actual and perceived movement skills will help to understand these associations. Furthermore

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Hans Erik Næss

GSGBs, such as the awarding of Formula 1 Grand Prix’, even though that alone does not answer the second criticism, which is as follows. Focus on the constitution of power through relations may mask the use of force between parties regardless of relational configuration. Underestimating the accumulated

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John M. Schuna Jr., Daniel S. Hsia, Catrine Tudor-Locke and Neil M. Johannsen

.0 cm × 4.8 cm × 7.6 cm) positioned on the abdomen and mid-back, respectively. The units were connected to each other via a strapped harness system that secures each unit close to the body. A face mask was used for gas collection, which allowed for breath-by-breath O 2 and carbon dioxide measurements

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Jian Wang, Bo Shen, Xiaobin Luo, Qingshan Hu and Alex C. Garn

understandings while ability goals orient individuals to strive to demonstrate superior or mask inferior ability. Research findings have demonstrated with strong evidence that goals matter in learning. There are qualitative differences in the ways individuals define and evaluate success, process information, and

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Amy Barrette and Katherine Harman

with training and competition. Athletes admitted to modulating their verbal and nonverbal expressions of pain. Masking their pain from the people observing them, such as their coaches and rehabilitation specialists, allowed them to have more control on the decision to keep going or stop. This

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Jennifer E. McGarry

disrupt them. As a sociologist, she describes the culture we live in as white supremist . While many associate that concept with extreme and explicit forms of hate, she uses it to describe individual and organizational contexts where Whiteness is the norm, even ideal. DiAngelo stated, [we] mask white