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Neng Wan, Ming Wen, Jessie X. Fan, O. Fahina Tavake-Pasi, Sara McCormick, Kirsten Elliott and Emily Nicolosi

occurs in the context of social interactions and experiences. 34 These perspectives are in line with the ecological model, which contends that individuals are nested within layers of social contexts including key life domains, such as family, workplace, and neighborhood. 35 The contextual influences on

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Mark A. Tully, Ilona I. McMullan, Nicole E. Blackburn, Jason J. Wilson, Laura Coll-Planas, Manuela Deidda, Paolo Caserotti, Dietrich Rothenbacher and on behalf of the SITLESS group

-being ( Cohen & Wills, 1985 ; Newall et al., 2013 ), as well as a sense of identification and social attraction to others engaged in the same activities ( Henry, Arrow, & Carini, 1999 ), which removes the barriers to social interaction and reduces loneliness ( Milligan et al., 2013 ). However, evidence

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Hsin-Yen Yen and Hsuan Hsu

influenced the engagement in HEAL in older populations. Smoking is one of the healthy risk behaviors that decreases participation in moderate-to-vigorous physical activities ( Dinger et al., 2014 ). Relationships with others, working status, living conditions, and residence influence opportunities for social

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Kim Gammage, Desi McEwan, Lori Dithurbide, Alison Ede, Karl Erickson, Blair Evans, Larkin Lamarche, Sean Locke, Eric Martin and Kathleen Wilson

desirable and undesirable consequences in terms of affective, cognitive, behavioral, and social interaction outcomes were noted, often influenced by the perception of appropriateness. Based on the theory developed, the use of music videos in exercise facilities can be both positive and negative and

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Holly Thorpe and Megan Chawansky

mobilities and social interactions are particularly constrained. According to three of the interviewees, the social isolation and lack of work–life balance had the potential to take its toll during their longer placements: The first couple of years I worked at Skateistan, we worked six days a week. We mostly

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T. Bettina Cornwell, Steffen Jahn, Hu Xie and Wang Suk Suh

be emotional entities, and collective emotion in groups is distinctive in nature and powerful in shaping group behaviors ( Barsade & Gibson, 1998 ; Bartel & Saavedra, 2000 ; Kelly & Barsade, 2001 ). Group emotion is an elusive feeling arising from group dynamics and social interactions

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Mariya A. Yukhymenko-Lescroart

, respect for norms, positive social interaction, and moral reasoning of athletes ( Vallerand et al., 1996 ). Contrary to sportspersonship, gamesmanship and instrumental aggression constitute different levels of unethical conduct and methods of winning in athletics. Gamesmanship refers to legal but dubious

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Jerraco L. Johnson, Peter A. Hastie, Mary E. Rudisill and Danielle Wadsworth

influential. Related to these findings, perhaps the girl’s social interaction style was a limiting factor in their engagement because individualization and not cooperation was more beneficial in the tasks. Additionally, less practice trials by some girls may have been influential on other girls having less

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Cheryl M. Glazebrook

(NASPSPA) has endured, while specific techniques and questions continue to develop and evolve ( Adams, 1987 ; Christina, 2017 ). The longer I worked with the idea of an integration train, the more parallels I could draw, including with people, state of the knowledge, and social interactions. • People

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Bryan C. Clift

can challenge dominant stereotypes of the incapable or lazy homeless person. Relationships: Social Interaction, Belonging, and Support Each morning of a run, Malcolm (early 50s, African American) arrived with one or two other members of The House. Some Residents would come out from The House alone