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Mark A. Tully, Ilona I. McMullan, Nicole E. Blackburn, Jason J. Wilson, Laura Coll-Planas, Manuela Deidda, Paolo Caserotti, Dietrich Rothenbacher and on behalf of the SITLESS group

-being ( Cohen & Wills, 1985 ; Newall et al., 2013 ), as well as a sense of identification and social attraction to others engaged in the same activities ( Henry, Arrow, & Carini, 1999 ), which removes the barriers to social interaction and reduces loneliness ( Milligan et al., 2013 ). However, evidence

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Jing Liao, Yung-Jen Yang and Dong (Roman) Xu

independently have been shown to be cognitively beneficial, 13 , 14 but their relative importance to and joint impact on cognitive function are less studied. Given that social interactions with other square-dancing participants may recruit a wider-spread neural network than exercise alone, 15 a synergic

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Hsin-Yen Yen and Hsuan Hsu

influenced the engagement in HEAL in older populations. Smoking is one of the healthy risk behaviors that decreases participation in moderate-to-vigorous physical activities ( Dinger et al., 2014 ). Relationships with others, working status, living conditions, and residence influence opportunities for social

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Mariya A. Yukhymenko-Lescroart

, respect for norms, positive social interaction, and moral reasoning of athletes ( Vallerand et al., 1996 ). Contrary to sportspersonship, gamesmanship and instrumental aggression constitute different levels of unethical conduct and methods of winning in athletics. Gamesmanship refers to legal but dubious

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Annika Frahsa, Anna Streber, Andrea R. Wolff and Alfred Rütten

PA. Some underlined the benefits of increased social interaction through exercising in groups. Others reported the lack of family support and little social interaction as something they perceive to have a negative impact on their capabilities. For them, ‘leisure-time’ spending was somewhere on the

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Michael Kirkwood, Sheau-Fen Yap and Yingzi Xu

these social communities, fans communicate information and knowledge, which creates group-specific meanings and facilitates close relationships among members ( Kozinets, 2013 ). The activities and interactions that occur in these online communities are of extreme importance, as these social interactions

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Cheryl M. Glazebrook

(NASPSPA) has endured, while specific techniques and questions continue to develop and evolve ( Adams, 1987 ; Christina, 2017 ). The longer I worked with the idea of an integration train, the more parallels I could draw, including with people, state of the knowledge, and social interactions. • People

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Jerraco L. Johnson, Peter A. Hastie, Mary E. Rudisill and Danielle Wadsworth

influential. Related to these findings, perhaps the girl’s social interaction style was a limiting factor in their engagement because individualization and not cooperation was more beneficial in the tasks. Additionally, less practice trials by some girls may have been influential on other girls having less

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Lesley Ferkins, James Skinner and Steve Swanson

may not always yield constructive and valuable solutions for non-Western notions of sport leadership. Raises the significance of diverse/non-Western contexts and cultures where social interactions construct meanings associated with sport leadership. Billsberry et al. Social construction of leadership

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Matthew Katz, Aaron C. Mansfield and B. David Tyler

, Palmatier, Fang, & Wang, 2017 ). Sport marketers generally emphasize the former condition of group marketing (i.e., team identification), but the second condition (i.e., social interactions between fans) is salient in sport consumer behavior as well ( Katz, Heere, & Melton, in press ). As members of a