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Laura A. Prieto, Justin A. Haegele and Luis Columna

. Overall, studies demonstrated a general improvement in social interactions among students. Regardless, two studies including children with physical disabilities mentioned negative experiences associated with peers without disabilities judging the children with disabilities’ appearance and unwanted support

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Jeanette M. Thom, Sharon M. Nelis, Jennifer K. Cooney, John V. Hindle, Ian R. Jones and Linda Clare

, Jones, Wolbert, & Alricsson, 2015 ; World Health Organization, 2015 ). Healthy aging is likely to derive from a combination of factors including healthy lifestyles as well as cognitive, physical, and social interactions. Improvements in cardiovascular risk from increasing physical activity, healthy

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Ali Al-Yaaribi, Maria Kavussanu and Christopher Ring

recipient to perceive external pressure, which could lead to anxiety. In previous research, players who perceived antisocial teammate behavior over the course of a season reported more negative affect ( Al-Yaaribi & Kavussanu, 2017 ), and negative social interactions have been positively associated with

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Justin A. Haegele and T. Nicole Kirk

able than he was ( Haegele et al., 2017a ). Second, because those with visual impairments tend to be viewed as unable, it is not surprising that instances of negative social interactions, such as bullying, are abundantly described in the extant literature ( de Schipper et al., 2017 ; Haegele & Zhu

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Jordan A. Carlson, J. Aaron Hipp, Jacqueline Kerr, Todd S. Horowitz and David Berrigan

, correlational [e.g., investigating associations with health/behavior/environments], intervention, and evaluation [e.g., of naturalistic interventions]), settings covered (home, work, school, parks/recreation, neighborhood, other buildings, social interaction, advertising, and social media), populations covered

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Jimmy Sanderson, Matthew Zimmerman, Sarah Stokowski and Alison Fridley

advent of social media, fans are presented with the potential that media figures such as athletes may be more likely to respond to them. Accordingly, Kassing and Sanderson ( 2015 ) conceptualized the term “circum-social interaction” (p. 12) to reflect that fan messaging to athletes via social media may

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Chunxiao Li, Lijuan Wang, Martin E. Block, Raymond K.W. Sum and Yandan Wu

autism who are included in my general physical education classes. 为融合体育课堂中的自闭症学生创造一个安全的环境。 為融合體育課堂中的自閉症學生創造一個安全的環境。 4 Promote social interactions with peers for students with autism who are included in my general physical education classes. 促进融合体育课堂中的自闭症学生与其他同学之间的互动。 促進融合體育課堂中自閉症學生與其他同學之間的互動。 5 Manage

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Jing Liao, Yung-Jen Yang and Dong (Roman) Xu

independently have been shown to be cognitively beneficial, 13 , 14 but their relative importance to and joint impact on cognitive function are less studied. Given that social interactions with other square-dancing participants may recruit a wider-spread neural network than exercise alone, 15 a synergic

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Bernardino J. Sánchez-Alcaraz, Alberto Gómez-Mármol, Alfonso Valero-Valenzuela and Javier Courel-Ibáñez

responsibility, including role in assessment, setting expectations, leadership, modeling respect, opportunities for success, fostering social interactions, assigning tasks, transfer, and giving choices and voices. An observational analysis was conducted by two researchers, not related to the study, each with

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J.D. DeFreese, Michael J. Baum, Julianne D. Schmidt, Benjamin M. Goerger, Nikki Barczak, Kevin M. Guskiewicz and Jason P. Mihalik

descriptors represent unique study delimitations. Some of our participants may have personality traits (ie, high trait optimism, low trait negative affect) or external resources (eg, social support, positive social interactions) that allow them to cope with stressors in a more adaptive manner than others. 43