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Boris Dugonjić, Saša Krstulović and Goran Kuvačić

in many different weight categories is to ensure equitable matches in strength, agility, and leverage ( Artioli et al., 2010 ). Naturally, each athlete is very concerned about the weight limit and tries to sustain his or her body weight (BW) as close as possible to the upper weight limit, which

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Eric D.B. Goulet, Adrien De La Flore, Félix A. Savoie and Jonathan Gosselin

gradient for the flow of fluid from inside to outside of the tubular lumen. On the other hand, sodium integration into the extracellular fluid pool contributed in maintaining a sustained stimulation of osmoreceptors despite hypervolemia, thereby preventing large excretion of fluid. Primarily due to the

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Luana T. Rossato, Camila T.M. Fernandes, Públio F. Vieira, Flávia M.S. de Branco, Paula C. Nahas, Guilherme M. Puga and Erick P. de Oliveira

, characterized by their voluntary withdrawal. The V peak of the incremental test was calculated based on the velocity of the last complete stage, where V peak  = full V  +  t / T  × increase in speed. In this equation, full V was the speed (km·h −1 ) in the last stage, t was the time (s) sustained during

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Jeremiah J. Peiffer, Chris R. Abbiss, Eric C. Haakonssen and Paolo Menaspà

published finish times for each cyclist, the final 1 minute of each race was isolated and plotted against time for the determination of the final sprint. The final sprint was defined as the point at which a rapid and sustained increase in power output was observed, immediately before the completion of the

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Jason D. Vescovi and Greig Watson

Field hockey is an intermittent team sport that requires a high level of fitness to sustain physical, technical, and mental performance during training sessions and matches. Male players cover approximately 7 km during a regulation match ( Lythe & Kilding, 2011 ) and 5–10 km during a typical 2-hr

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Neil D. Clarke, Darren L. Richardson, James Thie and Richard Taylor

nonselectively blocks adenosine receptors and competitively inhibits the action of adenosine, which during exercise can lower pain perception, increase neuro-excitability, and sustain motor unit firing. 2 Therefore, adenosine receptor antagonism is the leading hypothesis as to how caffeine could have an

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Andressa Silva, Fernanda V. Narciso, Igor Soalheiro, Fernanda Viegas, Luísa S.N. Freitas, Adriano Lima, Bruno A. Leite, Haroldo C. Aleixo, Rob Duffield and Marco T. de Mello

each team on the day of the athlete’s injury. These data were collected in a similar way in both clubs, as the medical team prematched these data in the state of Minas Gerais for professional soccer players. An injury is defined as any physical complaint sustained by a player that results from a soccer

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Olfa Turki, Wissem Dhahbi, Johnny Padulo, Riadh Khalifa, Sana Ridène, Khaled Alamri, Mirjana Milić, Sabri Gueid and Karim Chamari

ID: 17313299 doi:10.1519/00124278-200702000-00040 10.1519/00124278-200702000-00040 17313299 24. Fattahi-Bafghi A , Amiri-Khorasani M . Sustaining effect of different stretching methods on power and agility after warm-up exercise in soccer players . World Appl Sci J . 2013 ; 21 ( 4 ): 520

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Pedro L. Valenzuela, Javier S. Morales, Carl Foster, Alejandro Lucia and Pedro de la Villa

terms, the FTP corresponds to the highest mean power that athletes can sustain for around 1-hour under competitive conditions (eg, highly motivated, well rested, and appropriate nutrition). Due to the physical and psychological difficulty of regularly performing a 1-hour maximum test, it has been

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Jan G. Bourgois, Gil Bourgois and Jan Boone

The aim of a training program for endurance events (ie, sports lasting >1–2 min as such relying mainly on the oxidative metabolism for energy supply 1 ) is to induce biological adaptations that allow sustaining an increased average power output for a given distance. 2 The magnitude of these