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Haley Bookbinder, Lindsay V. Slater, Austin Simpson, Jay Hertel and Joseph M. Hart

with a heart rate (HR) monitor below the pectoralis muscles before completing a 30-minute exercise protocol consisting of 5 rounds of 5 minutes of treadmill exercise and 1 minute of agility. These rounds of treadmill and agility exercise were modeled from a commonly used modified Balke exercise

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Jorge Arede, António Paulo Ferreira, Oliver Gonzalo-Skok and Nuno Leite

Basketball is considered a high-intensity intermittent sport that requires speed, agility, coordination, and explosive efforts. 1 Torres-Unda et al 2 concluded that the previously mentioned physical or fitness parameters were strong discriminators between under-14 male elite and subelite youth

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Xavier D. Thompson and Brianna DiAntonio

 = single-leg Romanian deadlifts. During phase two, goals were to develop a strength base for plyometric exercises, improve running mechanics during sprinting, and incorporate weight room technique. Phase two consisted of two cycles of one conditioning/weight room day, one agility day, and one rest day

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Kayla Regan, Felicia White, David Harvey and Laura E. Middleton

(especially gait speed, agility, and balance) ( Hagovska & Olekszyova, 2016 ; Shah, Lin, Yu, & McMahon, 2017 ). As a result, it is reasonable to expect that a combination of physically and mentally stimulating training would have more positive effects on PWD than either of these alone. Taking part in

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Yi-Ju Tsai, Chieh-Chie Chia, Pei-Yun Lee, Li-Chuan Lin and Yi-Liang Kuo

included (1) trunk and lower-extremity kinematics during box landing and spike jump landing; (2) volleyball-related sports performance including 10-m shuttle run, agility-T, and vertical jump; and (3) isokinetic strength of the hip and knee muscles. Kinematics were measured using the 6-camera Vicon motion

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Farid Farhani, Hamid Rajabi, Raoof Negaresh, Ajmol Ali, Sadegh Amani Shalamzari and Julien S. Baker

agility and sprint running performance but lower vertical jump and half-squat power performance than soccer. 3 , 4 The ratio of activity to rest in futsal is about 1:1, and although there is a high anaerobic demand, more than 75% of all energy is resynthesized by the oxidative phosphorylation pathway

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Pedro Jiménez-Reyes, Amador García-Ramos, Victor Cuadrado-Peñafiel, Juan A. Párraga-Montilla, José A. Morcillo-Losa, Pierre Samozino and Jean-Benoît Morin

and futsal players. 23 – 25 For example, Ünveren 23 reported higher sprint and agility performance for women futsal players as compared with women soccer players, while Milanović et al 25 did not find differences in agility performance between futsal and soccer players. However, to our knowledge

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at what measurement point? a. baseline b. 24-hr period c. 36-hour period d. 48-hr period 16. In this study, the control group participants performed worse on what muscle performance measurement? a. agility b. flexibility c. power d. speed 17. The findings of this study would not support athletes

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Guilherme M. Cesar, Rebecca Lewthwaite and Susan M. Sigward

Agility or the ability to rapidly accelerate or decelerate and change directions while running is important for successful participation in dynamic play and sports. This skill is considered a complex motor skill as it requires appropriate modulation of body momentum in response to dynamic

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. Buchheit M . The hands that help are far better than lips that pray . HIIT Science Blog . 2018 . https://hiitscience. Com/the-hands-that-help-are-far-better-than-lips-that-pray/ 5. Jovanovic M . High Intensity Interval Training and Agile Periodization . Thome M , Mann JB , Eds. Muskegon, MI