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Thiago R.S. Tenório, P. Babu Balagopal, Lars B. Andersen, Raphael M. Ritti-Dias, James O. Hill, Mara C. Lofrano-Prado and Wagner L. Prado

), estimated by indirect calorimetry. Once each participant had a specific and individualized workload, the duration of exercise sessions differed between subjects. Based on the metabolic equivalent of task and considering that for each liter of oxygen (O 2 ) consumed the EE is approximately 4.96 kcal

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Trent J. Herda, Philip M. Gallagher, Jonathan D. Miller, Matthew P. Bubak and Mandy E. Parra

: 26405061 doi: 10.1093/gerona/glv169 26405061 10. DeFronzo RA , Jacot E , Jequier E , Maeder E , Wahren J , Felber JP . The effect of insulin on the disposal of intravenous glucose. Results from indirect calorimetry and hepatic and femoral venous catheterization . Diabetes . 1981 ; 30

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Paul R. Hibbing, Samuel R. LaMunion, Haileab Hilafu and Scott E. Crouter

indirect calorimetry and posture (75 participants, 48 with data from both visits), both of the youth Sojourn models had excellent sensitivity for predicting moderate-to-vigorous PA (95.3% ± 14.3% for the hip, and 94.2% ± 5.4% for the non-dominant wrist). The non-dominant wrist also had sensitivity above 80

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Todd Miller, Stephanie Mull, Alan Albert Aragon, James Krieger and Brad Jon Schoenfeld

 hours and to remain normally hydrated prior to body composition and RMR assessment. After DXA scanning, subjects underwent testing for resting metabolic rate (RMR) via indirect calorimetry to determine daily resting caloric expenditure. Subjects sat quietly in a reclined position and breathed normally

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Amelia J. Carr, Laura A. Garvican-Lewis, Brent S. Vallance, Andrew P. Drake, Philo U. Saunders, Clare E. Humberstone and Christopher J. Gore

collected continuously throughout the test using an open-circuit indirect calorimetry system (TrueOne 2400 Parvo Medics, Sandy, UT), which was calibrated prior to each test. The test began at a speed between 9 and 12 km·h −1 , based on each athlete’s recent 20-km race performance. All participants were

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Rachel B. Parks, Hector F. Angus, Douglas S. King and Rick L. Sharp

present study, oxidation rates were not directly measured since metabolism of modified AMY-7 was previously characterized ( Johannsen & Sharp, 2007 ) and the goal of the exercise protocol was to replicate a real-world cycling TT as much as possible. Subjects were not asked to wear indirect calorimetry

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Rebekah Lynn, Rebekah Pfitzer, Rebecca R. Rogers, Christopher G. Ballmann, Tyler D. Williams and Mallory R. Marshall

. References Adam Noah , J. , Spierer , D.K. , Gu , J. , & Bronner , S. ( 2013 ). Comparison of steps and energy expenditure assessment in adults of Fitbit Tracker and Ultra to the Actical and indirect calorimetry . Journal of Medical Engineering and Technology, 37 ( 7 ), 456 – 462 . PubMed ID

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Michael E. Hales and John D. Johnson II

equivalent of task; RER, respiratory exchange ratio. The portable gas analyzer measured VO 2 and VCO 2 exchange samples and calculated energy expenditure by indirect calorimetry. An interaction effect was not determined by the 2-way repeated-measures ANOVA for energy expenditure across trials and between

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Julian A. Owen, Matthew B. Fortes, Saeed Ur Rahman, Mahdi Jibani, Neil P. Walsh and Samuel J. Oliver

during the cycling exercise. This was calculated from indirect calorimetry during the habituation visit cycling exercise test (Cortex MetaLyzer 3B, Leipzig, Germany). On Day 1 of each trial, participants woke at 07:00 hr and drank water equal to 6 ml·kg −1 of body mass (471 [52] ml). On arrival to the

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Ignacio Perez-Pozuelo, Thomas White, Kate Westgate, Katrien Wijndaele, Nicholas J. Wareham and Soren Brage

been validated against intensity from indirect calorimetry ( Strath, Brage, & Ekelund, 2005 ; Thompson, Batterham, Bock, Robson, & Stokes, 2006 ) and volume from doubly labeled water in several populations ( Villars et al., 2012 ), including a sample of UK men and women in whom the technique was shown