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Matt Greig and Benjamin Child

large reduction in loading offers a scope for coaches and rehabilitators to manipulate bowling delivery length in training to monitor workload. Similarly, a graded return to play postinjury could objectively increase loading on the bowler, with quantifiable implications on performance and the ability to

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Xavier D. Thompson and Brianna DiAntonio

 × 6 Single-leg standing HS curls Low-speed hurdles with coach supervision: 5-10 min Single-leg standing HS curls Low-speed hurdles with coach supervision: 5–10 min 10-min agility ladder Nordic hamstring curls Hurdle drills: 5-10 min Nordic hamstring curls Hurdle drills: 5–10 min 30-min bike Clamshells

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Donald F. Kessler

their races. He invited me to come up to his training facility in Oregon where he could show me what he does. I took up his invitation to watch his athletes train and learn more details of his techniques. When I got there, I was expecting to sit back and watch the runners being coached. Instead, I sat

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Riana R. Pryor, Douglas J. Casa, Susan W. Yeargin and Zachary Y. Kerr

.6 (399/627) .296  At least one complete rest day per week 96.8 (1,072/1,108) 97.6 (440/451) 96.2 (632/657) .208 Staff training  Trained staff in recognition and treatment of heat stroke 81.9 (908/1,108) 75.8 (339/447) 86.1 (569/661) < .001  Often discussed EHI risk with coaches 38.9 (438/1,126) 35.7 (165

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Francesco Campa, Federico Spiga and Stefania Toselli

coaches responsible for the FMS assessments were blinded to the groups. The project was conducted according to the Declaration of Helsinki and was authorized by the Bioethics Committee of the University of Bologna. Anthropometric Measurements Height was measured to the nearest 0.1 cm using an

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Sergio Jiménez-Rubio, Archit Navandar, Jesús Rivilla-García, Víctor Paredes-Hernández and Miguel-Ángel Gómez-Ruano

does not play a minimum of 45 min after injury due to technical decisions of the coach. • Any player who participates in alternative or additional rehabilitation programs to the one offered by the researchers. • Any player who suffered any type of illness or injury that could lead to the alteration of

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Heidi A. Wayment, Ann H. Huffman, Monica Lininger and Patrick C. Doyle

-related experiences from the previous season (2015). Nearly one-quarter (23%) of the sample said they had reported their symptoms to a coach or athletic trainer. Eighteen percent of the players reported being diagnosed with a concussion in the current season (2016), a number that matched exactly with the records kept

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Alex T. Strauss, Austin J. Parr, Daniel J. Desmond, Ashmel T. Vargas and Russell T. Baker

improve FMS ™ scores in firefighters by 1.6 points on average, 35 whereas coaching (mean change = 2.6 points) 36 and TMR ® (mean change = 3.7 points) produced larger acute gains. Another method of comparing treatment effectiveness would be to compare effect sizes, but the vast majority of prior

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Sean J. Maloney, Joanna Richards and Iain M. Fletcher

has been described as an important determinant in modulating both injury risk and athletic performance, 1 , 2 the measurement and quantification of vertical stiffness is of important practical relevance to athletes and coaches. The center of mass (COM) displacement during a task such as a vertical

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Kristina Amrani, Andrew Gallucci and Marshall Magnusen

other interval sport programs (e.g., baseball’s long toss), we restricted the athlete to ball tosses fed by a coach for the first 2 weeks, introduced an electric ball machine for half of each session beginning in week 3, and transitioned to rallying with an opponent at the start of week 5. We also