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Johanna Belz, Jens Kleinert and Moritz Anderten

trainers, partners, or family and role conflicts ( Sabato et al., 2016 ); and absenteeism from school ( Gustafsson, Hassmén, Kenttä, & Johansson, 2008 ). One of the most salient stressors for adolescent athletes is the simultaneous management of competitive sport and education ( Sabato et al., 2016 ). The

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Marco Catarino Espada Estêvão Correia and Rachael Bertram

Surfing has been vastly increasing in popularity, as well as in the number of participants at the recreational and competitive levels over the last decades ( Mendez-Vilanueva, & Bishop, 2005 ). Surfing is both a popular physical activity and competitive sport with world-wide participation, and the

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Jence A. Rhoads, Marcos Daou, Keith R. Lohse and Matthew W. Miller

performance research. Specifically, McAuley et al. ( 1989 ) established the IMI’s validity and reliability in a competitive sport setting, and numerous motor learning studies continue to use the IMI and report good reliability ( Abbas & North, 2018 ; Post, Aiken, Laughlin, & Fairbrother, 2016 ). Moreoever

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Dylan Brennan, Aleksandra A. Zecevic, Shannon L. Sibbald and Volker Nolte

another sport because of the presence of risk of falls. Theme 2: Learning Learning played a significant role in the participants’ lived experiences and they described numerous deliberate decisions that led to increased learning. Prior to becoming involved in competitive sport in late life, many of the

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Anne M. Merrem and Matthew D. Curtner-Smith

with one’s perceived potential and capacity to do the job well. Research has indicated that prospective teachers who attend schools in which teachers provide low quality PE and prioritize traditional extracurricular competitive sport are likely to develop “coaching orientations” and see teaching PE as

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Anne Holding, Jo-Annie Fortin, Joëlle Carpentier, Nora Hope and Richard Koestner

on disengagement from their former competitive sport and reengagement with new pursuits. Measures Subjective well being (SWB) We employed the Mood Report ( Emmons & Diener, 1985 ) to assess the emotional component of SWB. For each item, participants rated the extent to which they experienced a

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Chan Woong Park and Matthew D. Curtner-Smith

pedagogies, or avoid teaching at all. These recruits are primarily interested in working with talented students during extracurricular sport practices and competitive games. They tend to be male, have played a relatively high level of mainstream competitive sport themselves, and attended schools in which

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Gavin Breslin, Tandy Haughey, Wesley O’Brien, Laura Caulfield, Alexa Robertson and Martin Lawlor

not debated is that prevalence rates of mental disorder in young people and adolescents (aged 16–34) is high at 25–26% ( Gulliver, Griffiths, & Christensen, 2012 ; Headstrong, 2012 ), which is a prominent age for competitive sport participation. The further understanding of student athlete mental

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Maria Grazia Monaci and Francesca Veronesi

in case of anger episodes. In a sport competition the essential characteristics for excelling are aggressiveness, dominance, competitive spirit, all “male” stereotypical features. In line with previous suggestions ( Clément-Guillotin & Fontayne, 2011 ), our findings point out that a competitive sport

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Nikos Ntoumanis, Vassilis Barkoukis, Daniel F. Gucciardi and Derwin King Chung Chan

were interested in examining predictors of continued and new doping use in competitive sport by obtaining self-reports of doping use at the beginning (Time 1) and end (Time 2) of the competitive season. Study Aims and Hypotheses The aim of this study was to bring together various lines of work on