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Brendan Dwyer, Joris Drayer and Stephen L. Shapiro

like to go scuba diving. [Eliminated] 4.84 1.91 .323  35. I would enjoy fast driving. 4.91 1.83 .675 Perseverance  36. I generally like to see things through to the end. 5.83 1.09 .634  37. I tend to give up easily. [Eliminated] 5.53 1.47 .438  38. Unfinished tasks really bother me. [Eliminated] 5.40 1

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Jimmy Sanderson, Sarah Stokowski and Elizabeth Taylor

NCAA’s amateurism model via Twitter ( Miller, 2016 ). Hull ( 2014 ) analyzed how swimming and diving student-athletes at the University of North Carolina Wilmington used Twitter to mobilize support and ultimately save their teams after the athletic department announced that it would be eliminating

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Chad Seifried, Brian Soebbing and Kwame J.A. Agyemang

&lpos=spotlight&lid=tab1pos1 Wells , M. ( 1998 , November 6 ). Networks dive into ad package deals . USA Today, p.  B6 . White , G.S. , Jr. ( 1986 , November 17 ). Fiesta Bowl, NBC score no. 1 coup . The New York Times, p.  C1 . Wicker , P. , Vos , S. , Scheerder , J. , & Bruer

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Bram Constandt, Els De Waegeneer and Annick Willem

to diving, elbowing, retaliation, and injury pretention ( Kavussanu, 2006 ; Kavussanu et al., 2006 ). In summary, ethical issues seem to be spread all over the soccer world, thereby being reflected in the practices within both professional and nonprofessional clubs ( Cashmore & Cleland, 2014

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Justine Chatterton, Trent A. Petrie, Keke L. Schuler and Camilo Ruggero

Association (NCAA) Division I (27.8%; n  = 194), II (16.9%; n  = 118), III (55.0%; n  = 384), and National Association of Intercollegiate Athletes (0.3%, n  = 2) levels; they participated in the following sports: baseball ( n  = 131), football ( n  = 120), track and field ( n  = 114), swimming/diving ( n

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Marianne I. Clark and Holly Thorpe

bodies. Notes 1. Barad moved both figuratively and literally with us throughout every day of the two-week period. The object of her book was often carried around the home, from meeting-to-meeting, on walking commutes to/from work, so that we could dive back in whenever possible. 2. While inspired by

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Michelle Hayes, Kevin Filo, Caroline Riot and Andrea Geurin

Zealand) □ 2017 Badminton BWF World Championships □ 2017 Beach Volleyball World Championships □ 2017 Commonwealth and Oceania Weightlifting Championships □ 2017 Fast 5 Netball World Series □ 2017 FINA Diving Grand Prix (Gold Coast) □ 2017 FINA World Championships □ 2017 FINA World Junior Swimming

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Thilo Kunkel, Rui Biscaia, Akiko Arai and Kwame Agyemang

demonstrating their commitment to the field of play in every competition. Such exertion often ingratiates the athlete to the fan and can lead to an overall positive perception of the athlete brand. For instance, consider a basketball player who dives for a loose ball or an attacking player in soccer who

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David I. Anderson

discoveries were made that revealed important insights into the behavioral changes that occur during motor development and the behavioral, neurophysiological, and developmental processes that underlie these changes. Before diving into research on multimodal perception and action, the first of the themes