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Fernando Segura Millan Trejo, Mark Norman and Chirstophe Jaccoud

was increasing tension due to frictions, the head of one delegation ordered to continue playing, instead of stopping in response to one participant’s complaint. In the third-half, this was challenged, since the official had interfered in the self-regulation and autonomy envisaged for the second

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Inhyang Choi, Damian Haslett, Javier Monforte and Brett Smith

influential voices with athletes’ platform, minimizing friction between athletes and board members is necessary. In this regard, KPC members should lead emancipation from the closure of the traditional kin network and patronizing attitude toward disabled athletes in Para-sport. One way to actualize this

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Kari Stefansen, Gerd Marie Solstad, Åse Strandbu and Maria Hansen

could tolerate them if handled professionally. But the athletes also explained that they could accept relationships within their teams or performance groups, even if they also caused friction among the other athletes (for instance by undermining the athletes’ trust in their coach), given that the couple

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Blandine Bril

the turn, the dancer must exert a torque on the floor resulting in the production of a turning motion. The speed of the turn, which depends on the amount of friction with the ground, is also an important characteristic of the constraints on the movement and is controlled through the vertical impulse

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Talyene G.C. Corrêa, Stephanie V.S. Donato, Kauê C.A. Lima, Ronaldo V. Pereira, Mehmet Uygur and Paulo Barbosa de Freitas

aluminum plates, covered with sandpaper to increase friction (320 grit) and connected to each other by the uniaxial load cell. Similar to the previous studies of object manipulation ( Lima, Borges, Hatanaka, Rolim, & de Freitas, 2017 ; Uygur, de Freitas, & Jaric, 2010 ), the participants held the

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Ran Zheng, Ilana D. Naiman, Jessica Skultety, Steven R. Passmore, Jim Lyons and Cheryl M. Glazebrook

-emitting diodes during each trial. Recording time was 3 s and the recording frequency was 300 Hz. Using medical tape, a small piece of felt was secured to the tip of the participant’s index finger to reduce the friction between the finger and Plexiglas®. Muscle activity was recorded using a CED 1902 dual system

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Jenn M. Jacobs, K. Andrew R. Richards, Zach Wahl-Alexander and James D. Ressler

data indicated that the planning weekend contributed to the development of personal and professional friction among the PTs. The course instructor acknowledged this dynamic as a pillar of the experience, “they don’t always get along . . . but it’s the learning experience when you have a group of three

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Alanna Weisberg, Alexandre Monte Campelo, Tanzeel Bhaidani and Larry Katz

, monitors with hypoallergenic materials, medical grade tubing, and soft corners should be considered ( Dall et al., 2018 ; Turner-McGrievy et al., 2019 ). Users reported skin irritation after wearing devices for a prolonged time, after sweating, or after getting them wet, primarily due to friction against

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Jordan D. Herbison, Terry W. Cowan, Luc J. Martin, Zach Root and Mark W. Bruner

participants: Competitive environments can create animosity and a lot of friction amongst team members. … There’s stronger players and weaker players on the team, attitudes can be developed by getting down on each other, not supporting each other, and I think, as a coach you have to try and break that, and

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Thomas Haugen, Gøran Paulsen, Stephen Seiler and Øyvind Sandbakk

higher output values. Hofman et al 46 reported peak power of 18 and 24 W·kg −1 for female and male world-class speed skaters, when performed from a standstill start in a seated position. A limitation associated with the Wingate test is that the load (frictional resistance) is predetermined and