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Daniel Martin, Craig Sale, Simon B. Cooper and Kirsty J. Elliott-Sale

liver function 1 0.5 Effect on training/performance 2 0.9 Bloating 1 0.5 Reduced bloating 1 0.5 Hormone imbalance 1 0.5 Improved bone density 1 0.5 Increased appetite 1 0.5 Less faint 1 0.5 Stomach pain 1 0.5 Reduced fluctuations in water retention 1 0.5 Unspecified pain 1 0.5 Reduced fluctuations in

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Anthony Birat, David Sebillaud, Pierre Bourdier, Eric Doré, Pascale Duché, Anthony J. Blazevich, Dimitrios Patikas and Sébastien Ratel

landing phase of a jump. The onset of adolescence (ie, around the peak height velocity [PHV]) is a particularly critical period for injuries because of (1) imbalances within muscle-tendon units of young athletes, (2) strength imbalances between the hamstrings and quadriceps, particularly in post

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Amador García-Ramos, Alejandro Torrejón, Alejandro Pérez-Castilla, Antonio J. Morales-Artacho and Slobodan Jaric

balance exists between F 0 and V 0 capacities (ie, the F–V slope) that maximizes ballistic performance. 3 , 18 , 19 These results suggest that resistance-training programs should seek not only to increase P 0 but also to reduce the F–V imbalance by selectively altering F 0 and V 0 . 3 , 20 To

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Sunghoon Shin and Jacob J. Sosnoff

pressure (COP). The COP is the point of application of the ground reaction force, which is a force vector obtained by summing all the forces between the foot/feet and the ground ( Winter, 2005 ). The COP is also considered a reflection of the system’s neuromuscular response to the imbalances of the body

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Jolly Roy

evaluation, (c) fear of physical harm, (d) situation ambiguity, and (e) disruption of well-learned routine. It is these sources of stress that create an imbalance, resulting in a perceived inability to cope with the pressure of competition. In Nisha’s case, fear of negative social evaluation and situation

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Giovanna Ghiani, Sara Magnani, Azzurra Doneddu, Gianmarco Sainas, Virginia Pinna, Marco Caboi, Girolamo Palazzolo, Filippo Tocco and Antonio Crisafulli

previous research involving 15 elite sailors during the America’s Cup, none of the athletes showed any variation in BM or percentage of fat during the period of observation ( Bernardi et al., 2007a ), thereby indicating that energy turnover was in good balance and that any imbalance in the nutritional

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Nathan A. Lewis, Ann Redgrave, Mark Homer, Richard Burden, Wendy Martinson, Brian Moore and Charles R. Pedlar

complexity of the condition, the multifactorial etiology, and the fact that imbalances between training load and recovery may not be the primary reason for the condition. 1 Exercise is a source of reactive nitrogen and oxygen species (RNOS), leading to alterations in redox homeostasis (ARH). 3 RNOS are

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Matt Greig, Hannah Emmerson and John McCreadie

Global Positioning System (GPS) technology offer potential to quantify mechanical loading during functional rehabilitative tasks. Recently, mediolateral loading imbalances were highlighted in a case study of ankle sprain injury in elite male soccer. 11 However, to enhance the clinical application of GPS

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Ufuk Ersoy, Umut Ziya Kocak, Ezgi Unuvar and Bayram Unver

, Kleynhams AM . Aspects of Manipulative Therapy . New York, NY : Churchill Livingstone ; 1985 . 4. Page P , Frank C , Lardner R . Assessment and Treatment of Muscle Imbalance: The Janda Approach . Campaign, IL : Human Kinetics ; 2010 . 5. Ghanbari A , Kamalgharibi S . Effect of knee

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Juha Yoon and Alex Chinhoo Gang

stadia built for the Olympic Games we have the infrastructure necessary to develop the base for both ice and snow events. Prior to this Olympics, it was evident that many of the resources were invested in ice events, while snow events gained less attention. This imbalance can be properly addressed with