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Angela Devereux-Fitzgerald, Rachael Powell and David P. French

state, and whether this also includes energy expenditure, could be pertinent to older adults with limited resources. Conclusion Conflation of time and energy may be masking some factors of older adults’ acceptability of physical activity. Enjoyment in many forms appears to increase older adults

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Amy Barrette and Katherine Harman

with training and competition. Athletes admitted to modulating their verbal and nonverbal expressions of pain. Masking their pain from the people observing them, such as their coaches and rehabilitation specialists, allowed them to have more control on the decision to keep going or stop. This

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Keren Susan Cherian, Ashok Sainoji, Balakrishna Nagalla and Venkata Ramana Yagnambhatt

necessary preconditions ( 15 ). Every day at 6 AM, 3 to 4 JSPs were recruited and allowed to rest for 30 minutes in a supine position and in an awakened state, during which the Oxycon mobile was calibrated with known gas concentrations. The face mask was positioned on each participant, and it was connected

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Jennifer E. McGarry

disrupt them. As a sociologist, she describes the culture we live in as white supremist . While many associate that concept with extreme and explicit forms of hate, she uses it to describe individual and organizational contexts where Whiteness is the norm, even ideal. DiAngelo stated, [we] mask white

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Emma Kavanagh, Chelsea Litchfield and Jaquelyn Osborne

unambiguously violent and threatening comment “You should be raped!” will often be followed by “LOL,” a laughing emoticon, or a joke (p. 357). The inclusion of such can defuse the impact of content and as a result act as a mask to the severity of the interaction. Sexist humor is recognized as a tool that is

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Richard E. Tahtinen and Hafrun Kristjansdottir

). This socialization process may be especially prevalent within the sport culture where masking vulnerability ( Doherty, Hannigan, & Campbell, 2016 ) and exhibiting toughness, and ignoring or downplaying injury may be highly valued ( Martin, 2005 ; Steinfeldt, Steinfeldt, England, & Speight, 2009

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K. Andrew R. Richards, Nicholas Washburn and Ye Hoon Lee

reinforce and extend the existing emotional labor literature highlighting the negative consequences of surface acting as an emotional labor strategy in which participants have to mask their true emotions in their outward display ( Kammeyer-Mueller et al., 2013 ; Lee, 2019 ). In addition to prompting

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Declan Ryan, Jorgen Wullems, Georgina Stebbings, Christopher Morse, Claire Stewart and Gladys Onambele-Pearson

and carotid arteries may be indicative of an ongoing local remodeling process, which may have masked any sensitivity to PB. This “masking” hypothesis could explain why brachial artery diameter was not associated with SB or sMVPA in isolation (owing to small individual effects), but was reliably

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Shelley Lucas

, which is evidenced by the continued existence of many of the same challenges and inequities for women’s cycling today. 30 Similarly, Carly Adams and Stacey Leavitt remind us that progress narratives associated with gains in participation and visibility often minimize and/or mask structural inequities

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Aquasia A. Shaw, Merry Moiseichik, Heather Blunt-Vinti and Sarah Stokowski

utilizing the full scale can range from 19 to 114. An average score for someone who is racially competent is >51.5 ( Campbell, 2014 ). CoBRAS Color-blind attitudes, as measured by the color-blind racial attitudes scale (CoBRAS), does not equate to racist attitudes. Rather, it measures a tendency to mask or