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Gyöngyi Szabó Földesi

This paper is an analysis of the presence and the consequences of ageism and sexism in contemporary sport relative to Hungarian women. The major purposes are: (1) to consider some theoretical concerns about research on physical activity in the later years; (2) to examine how the double disadvantage of being old and female influences life-styles in connection with sport; (3) to review research relative to how and why sport is or is not an integral part of life-style of the 50+ age group of women in Hungary; (4) to present results of research carried out recently in Hungary on elderly people’s sport participation and their judgments of their own physical activity. Findings from a variety of studies were discussed, including 1987 and 1997 studies of the Budapest older population. Interview and questionnaire techniques were used to collect data relative to participation and interpretation of sport and physical activity. According to the findings, of the 1997 study, only 19% of women over 70 reported their health as satisfactory, compared with 5.6 % of the men. Lasting diseases were more frequent among women than among men (42.3 % versus 34.1 %). 38.8 % of females and 27.8 % of males aged 70-74 years cannot walk a distance of 2 kilometers; 47.1 % of females and 31.8 % of males in the same age groups are not able to ascend 10 stairsteps without taking a rest. Approximately 5 % of males over 60 and approximately 4% of females over 55 were physically active. It appears to the great majority of Hungarian older women that they are losers of the recent system change: because of growing poverty their life-chances have been worsening, their opportunities for choosing the components of their life-styles-including physical activity have narrowed and social distances within and between the individual age cohorts have increased, including sport participation. There is a need for rethinking attitudes and for increasing awareness of how physical fitness could keep Hungarians in all ages healthier, more independent and more optimistic.

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Jenessa Banwell, Gretchen Kerr and Ashley Stirling

up 19% of all head coaches in 2010–2011 ( Donnelly, Kidd, & Norman, 2011 ), 17% in 2011–2013 ( Donnelly, Norman, & Kidd, 2013 ), and only 16% in 2014–2015 ( Norman, Donnelly, & Kidd, 2017 ). There are even fewer female coaches reported at the international level with women representing only 13% of

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Lori A. Gano-Overway

interventions instituted in sport or physical activity settings based on research and best practices and reporting on lessons learned that could inform practitioners. Alternatively, practical articles could take the form of policy recommendations that would outline how individuals and/or organizations could

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Kristen Lucas and E. Whitney G. Moore

exercisers successfully maintaining their exercise habit and reporting high scores for mindfulness and acceptance, as well as low scores on suppression. In the sport context, researchers showed mindfulness during practice was positively associated with the participants’ perceived social support and cognitive

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Alexander J. Bedard, Kevin A. Bigelman, Lynn R. Fielitz, Jeffrey D. Coelho, William B. Kobbe, Renard O. Barone, Nicholas H. Gist and John E. Palmer

. Injury rates are an epidemiologically-appropriate method for reporting and evaluating sports injury statistics ( Daneshvar et al., 2011 ; Dick, Agel, & Marshall, 2007 ; Knowles, Marshall, & Guskiewicz, 2006 ). During the 2017 academic year, women enrolled in boxing experienced a CHI rate of 1

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Gretchen Kerr, Erin Willson and Ashley Stirling

the sexual abuse of athletes by authority figures ( Parent & Fortier, 2018 ). Despite the predominant focus on sexual abuse of athletes, research consistently indicates that it is the emotional abuse of athletes that is the most frequently reported form of abuse ( Alexander, Stafford, & Lewis, 2011

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Chad Seifried

separate parts through fourteen chapters, which cover various internal conference crises (e.g., Chapter 1—The Beginning of the Big Ten; Chapter 3—The Crisis over Amateurism), national issues (e.g., Chapter 4—The Conference and the War; Chapter 11—The Carnegie Report), and special individuals (e

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Kyle Bunds and Jonathan Casper

three working groups to explicitly examine what could be done to understand the physical scientific aspects of climate change, the socio-economic and natural systems to climate change, and the options for mitigating climate change (see, e.g., The thoroughness of these reports cannot be

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Angela Robles

the sport itself, the participation rate of female athletes has continued to be one of the highest among sport choices for youth ( Sabo & Veliz, 2014 ). According to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), Sport Sponsorship and Participation Rates Report , the total number of female

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E. Whitney G. Moore and Karen Weiller-Abels

significant changes in youths’ and adolescents’ goal orientations in relatively short time spans ( Boyce et al., 2009 ; Todorovich, & Curtner-Smith, 2006 ; Weigand & Burton, 2002 ). Todorovich and Curtner-Smith’s ( 2006 ) PE intervention significantly affected students’ reported goal orientations after only