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Matthew Katz, Aaron C. Mansfield and B. David Tyler

, Palmatier, Fang, & Wang, 2017 ). Sport marketers generally emphasize the former condition of group marketing (i.e., team identification), but the second condition (i.e., social interactions between fans) is salient in sport consumer behavior as well ( Katz, Heere, & Melton, in press ). As members of a

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Joris Drayer, Brendan Dwyer and Stephen L. Shapiro

indicated that TFS has been dominated by participants who played for the entertainment value as well as the social interaction that the activity provided and according to at least one study, the potential to win money played no part in motivating people to play ( Dwyer & Kim, 2011 ). Overall, the

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Daniel Bok, Karim Chamari and Carl Foster

their capacity. Resistance-training programs have typically comprised body-weight exercises combined with kettlebells and dumbbells or any other objects found at home, which limits the potential to improve strength/power. 7 In addition, because of restrictions on social interaction, athletes have been

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Jerraco L. Johnson, Peter A. Hastie, Mary E. Rudisill and Danielle Wadsworth

influential. Related to these findings, perhaps the girl’s social interaction style was a limiting factor in their engagement because individualization and not cooperation was more beneficial in the tasks. Additionally, less practice trials by some girls may have been influential on other girls having less

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Robert Kennedy

game: Achieving and coordinating partisanship in real time . Research on Language and Social Interaction, 32 ( 3 ), 269 – 302 . doi:10.1207/S15327973RL320303 10.1207/S15327973RL320303 Heath , S.B. , & Langman , J. ( 1994 ). Shared thinking and the register of coaching . In D. Biber & E

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Bryan C. Clift

can challenge dominant stereotypes of the incapable or lazy homeless person. Relationships: Social Interaction, Belonging, and Support Each morning of a run, Malcolm (early 50s, African American) arrived with one or two other members of The House. Some Residents would come out from The House alone

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T. Bettina Cornwell, Steffen Jahn, Hu Xie and Wang Suk Suh

be emotional entities, and collective emotion in groups is distinctive in nature and powerful in shaping group behaviors ( Barsade & Gibson, 1998 ; Bartel & Saavedra, 2000 ; Kelly & Barsade, 2001 ). Group emotion is an elusive feeling arising from group dynamics and social interactions

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Annika Frahsa, Anna Streber, Andrea R. Wolff and Alfred Rütten

PA. Some underlined the benefits of increased social interaction through exercising in groups. Others reported the lack of family support and little social interaction as something they perceive to have a negative impact on their capabilities. For them, ‘leisure-time’ spending was somewhere on the

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Lesley Ferkins, James Skinner and Steve Swanson

may not always yield constructive and valuable solutions for non-Western notions of sport leadership. Raises the significance of diverse/non-Western contexts and cultures where social interactions construct meanings associated with sport leadership. Billsberry et al. Social construction of leadership

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Kelsey Lucca, David Gire, Rachel Horton and Jessica A. Sommerville

revealed that researchers tend to use a specific subset of tasks when measuring persistence that can be classified in six general categories: cause-and-effect/means-end toys, puzzles or shape sorters, standardized assessments, questionnaires, tools/utensils, or dyadic social interactions (Table  2 ). These