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Chad Seifried

separate parts through fourteen chapters, which cover various internal conference crises (e.g., Chapter 1—The Beginning of the Big Ten; Chapter 3—The Crisis over Amateurism), national issues (e.g., Chapter 4—The Conference and the War; Chapter 11—The Carnegie Report), and special individuals (e

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Callie Batts Maddox

this narrative is an account of the short-lived International Confederation of Amateur Baseball/Softball, a merger attempt in the mid-1980s that secured an Olympic slot for baseball as a full medal sport in 1992, but failed to do the same for softball. The Confederation dissolved in 1989, but the ISF

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Tom Gibbons

consideration of current legal and activist challenges to the amateur ethos portrayed by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). The vast sums of money involved in what is supposed to be an amateur sporting body is something criticised by Grano and the O’Bannon case is used to highlight the death

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Kristi Sweeney

athletic conferences. Griffith investigated many of the same evils existent in present-day college athletics, including but not limited to amateurism, eligibility, gambling, professionalism, and illegal recruiting violations. Lindaman’s fifth chapter, “In Defense of Athletics and Administration, 1926

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A. Lamont Williams

Entrepreneurship,” by Markesha McWilliams Henderson, examines the double standard created by NCAA Bylaw 12, which “maintains” amateurism of collegiate sport and allows institutions to use their athletes for promotion without compensation. More generally, authors in this section describe the ways in which CRT can

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Emily M. Newell

, including chapters on amateur sport in the community, campus recreation, the major games, and Paralympic sport. Although these topics do not always make headline news on ESPN, they are significant sectors of the sport industry that warrant the attention of future sport professionals, many of whom will end

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Emalee Nelson

the participation in sports, such as baseball. Yet, women creatively found ways to maintain playing some form of baseball at school or in local amateur leagues though often scrutinized by the media through news outlets, but also through poems, novels, music, art, and other cultural forms, thus

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J. Montez de Oca

had to draw upon? Further, what were the tensions in mid-twentieth century liberalism and capitalism that led an advocate for markets and individualism to participate in building strong conferences, large stadiums, and greater commercialization of amateur sport? I also wondered how the history of US

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Robert J. Lake, Simon J. Eaves and Bob Nicholson

Approaches to sport were a key target, but, often unwilling to negotiate “amateur” ideals, the British initially projected their version of amateurism—in the image of a “gentleman amateur”—as unequivocally the version to which all athletes worldwide should replicate. 14 American officials, however, were

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Pirkko Markula

1931, the so-called pro/am category in which a professional dancer is paired with an amateur, was added and proved enormously popular. To regulate the competition, a scoring system, following the judging system used in figure skating, was developed in 1937 and is still used. The second division, the