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process within the IMC strategies of the organization. It helped overcome cultural barriers, such as language, ticketing, and communication, and it enabled engagement of the different communication channels. Turner, P. (2016). Implementing integrated marketing communications (IMC) through major event

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Elizabeth A. Taylor, Jessica L. Siegele, Allison B. Smith and Robin Hardin

attribute the lack of women in sport organizations to a lack of aspiration, not opportunity ( Claringbould & Knoppers, 2012 ). Homologous reproduction is another barrier that prohibits women from reaching leadership positions in collegiate athletics. Homologous reproduction is the process by which dominant

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Spencer Riehl, Ryan Snelgrove and Jonathon Edwards

probably the biggest barrier, but the biggest detriment would be not educating your coaches, not educating your conveners on the benefits.” Similarly, coach Pete, referenced the significance of educating stakeholders about cross-ice hockey: “You really have to work or provide information to the parents to

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Bradley J. Baker, Jeremy S. Jordan and Daniel C. Funk

, & Eddosary, 2015 ). However, lack of physical access to a running event acts as a structural barrier, constraining participation independent of runners’ preferences ( Crawford & Godbey, 1978 ). Runners who live near an event are more able to participate and to repeat participation in subsequent years. As

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Jennifer L. Copeland

, Murtagh, & Murphy, 2016 ). Although focusing on school or office settings will not reach many older adults, there are other social, organizational, and environmental factors that influence sedentary behavior in an aging population. The physical environment can be a barrier to standing up and moving more

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Sarah Zipp, Tavis Smith and Simon Darnell

provides insight on challenging the neoliberal approaches that have defined much of the SFD movement ( Lindsey, Kay, Banda, & Jeanes, 2017 ). In collaboration with our CA model, this localized perspective can help researchers and practitioners address the (often hidden) barriers to and stimulators of

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Jennifer E. McGarry

). The report highlighted three areas for us, NASSM, to consider. The first area was removing barriers and providing opportunities. Members indicated that diverse groups within NASSM should be recognized as valuable to the organization. I will interject that one important step is to continue to support

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Melinda A. Solmon

schools related to resources and educational priorities. In conjunction with those barriers, the occupational socialization process complicates efforts to foster an educational focus in schools. Many physical education teachers are attracted to the field as a result of their positive experiences in sport

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Darla M. Castelli and Ang Chen

targeting high school girls, included dance, aerobics, and weight training with a focus on enhancing self-efficacy through self-regulatory strategies (i.e., goal setting, time management, identifying barriers, and self-reinforcement). Intervention schools demonstrated significant increases in vigorous

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Jueyin Zheng

, which allows both casual and avid fans to play at the same time. For example, TTNFL has a star-player “PK” function that offers a lower barrier to entry than your usual fantasy game. It’s a simplified format that doesn’t require too much in-depth NFL knowledge to join. Given that the participation rate