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Thomas Reeve, Ralph Gordon, Paul B. Laursen, Jason K.W. Lee and Christopher J. Tyler

:10.1152/jappl.1964.19.3.531 10.1152/jappl.1964.19.3.531 14173555 16. Burton AC . Human calorimetry. 2. The average temperature of the tissues of the body . J Nutr . 1935 ; 9 : 261 – 280 . 10.1093/jn/9.3.261 17. Borg G . Perceived exertion as an indicator of somatic stress . Scand J Rehabil

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David M. Shaw, Fabrice Merien, Andrea Braakhuis, Daniel Plews, Paul Laursen and Deborah K. Dulson

did not measure resting D-βHB concentrations for our cyclists, we could not compare D-βHB oxidation rates. Importantly, the validity of these calculations have not been confirmed using direct calorimetry and may be compromised due to the inclusion of unclear D-βHB volume distribution values, which

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Alexander H.K. Montoye, John Vusich, John Mitrzyk and Matt Wiersma

research programs. References Adam Noah , J. , Spierer , D.K. , Gu , J. , & Bronner , S. ( 2013 ). Comparison of steps and energy expenditure assessment in adults of Fitbit tracker and Ultra to the Actical and indirect calorimetry . Journal of Medical Engineering and Technology, 37 ( 7 ), 456

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Megan Colletto and Nancy Rodriguez

, version 4.1, Stafford, TX). Resting Energy Expenditure (REE) REE was estimated over approximately 25 min using open circuit spirometry and indirect calorimetry (TrueOne ® 2400 Metabolic Measurement System; ParvoMedics, Inc., Sandy, UT). The instrument was calibrated prior to every REE assessment

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Alan J. McCubbin, Anyi Zhu, Stephanie K. Gaskell and Ricardo J.S. Costa

-by-breath indirect calorimetry, averaged over 5 min (Vmax Encore Metabolic Cart; CareFusion, San Diego, CA) and determined from the equations of Péronnet and Massicotte ( 1991 ): Total carbohydrate oxidation: ( 4.585 × V ˙ CO 2 ) − ( 3.226 × V ˙ O 2 ) . Total fat oxidation: ( 1.695 × V ˙ O 2 ) − ( 1.701 × V ˙ CO 2

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Yuko Hashimoto, Ko Matsudaira, Susumu S. Sawada, Yuko Gando, Ryoko Kawakami, Chihiro Kinugawa, Takashi Okamoto, Koji Tsukamoto, Motohiko Miyachi, Hisashi Naito and Steven N. Blair

): 753 – 761 . PubMed doi:10.1139/H07-060 17622290 10.1139/H07-060 19. Kumahara H , Schutz Y , Ayabe M , et al . The use of uniaxial accelerometry for the assessment of physical-activity-related energy expenditure: a validation study against whole-body indirect calorimetry . Br J Nutr . 2004

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Bethany Forseth and Stacy D. Hunter

. Additional inclusion criteria were as follows: (1) be written or translated into English, (2) cite a specific style of yoga being assessed, and (3) measure the physiologic response via indirect calorimetry to obtain oxygen consumption and/or metabolic equivalents (METs) or heart rate monitors to measure

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Kapria-Jad Josaphat, Vicky Drapeau, David Thivel and Marie-Eve Mathieu

them with the procedures of the experimental visits (see details below). Maximum oxygen uptake (VO 2 max) was measured with indirect calorimetry (MOXUS; AEI Technology, Pittsburgh, PA). A progressive test on the treadmill adapted from the shuttle test was performed ( Leger et al., 1988 ). The test

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Jennifer Sygo, Alexandra M. Coates, Erik Sesbreno, Margo L. Mountjoy and Jamie F. Burr

was calculated as per the protocol of Slater et al. ( 2006 ), using a coefficient derived from elite sprint swimmers ( Pynes et al., 2006 ). Resting Metabolic Rate Resting metabolic rate was measured via indirect calorimetry (Quark-Omnia; Cosmed, Rome, Italy), with analysis of expired gases. The

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Gregory A. Hand, Robin P. Shook, Daniel P. O’Connor, Madison M. Kindred, Sarah Schumacher, Clemens Drenowatz, Amanda E. Paluch, Stephanie Burgess, John E. Blundell and Steven N. Blair

, Waukesha, WI) and were analyzed using enCORE software (version 15; GE Healthcare, Boston, MA). Resting Metabolic Rate As described previously, 20 RMR was measured using standard indirect calorimetry under a ventilated hood (TrueOne 2400; Parvo Medics, Sandy, UT) over a 30-minute period with data