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Timothy J. Walker, Jessica M. Tullar, Pamela M. Diamond, Harold W. Kohl III and Benjamin C. Amick III

depression, and risk factors (having ≥1). For the season variable, the summer months were May–October because these months are in the top 50th percentile of average monthly temperatures for Texas as reported by the National Climate Data Center. 29 The HA included questions about the presence of chronic

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Megan S. Farris, Kerry S. Courneya, Rachel O’Reilly and Christine M. Friedenreich

; and psychosocial outcomes including stress, 7 anxiety, 8 , 10 depression, 11 self-esteem, and happiness. 12 It is unclear whether there is a dose–response effect associated with different amounts of physical activity and these psychosocial outcomes. Hence, we examined if high volume (300 min

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Theresa E. Gildner, J. Josh Snodgrass, Clare Evans and Paul Kowal

in reported well-being, perhaps attributable to different norms dictating appropriate feelings and the importance of mental health ( Diener et al., 2003 ). For example, cultural perceptions and stigmas of depressive symptoms may preclude depression diagnosis in some cultures ( Wu et al., 2013 ), yet

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Jieling Chen, Emily Joy Nicklett, Yaping He and Vivian W.Q. Lou

from a chair, climbing stairs, crouching or kneeling, extending arms, lifting or carrying weights, and picking up a coin Age Biophysical correlate Categorical 1 = 45–59; 2 = 60–69; 3 = 70–79; 4 = 80+ Age was calculated by subtracting birth year from survey year Depression Psychological correlate

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Eduardo L. Caputo, Paulo H. Ferreira, Manuela L. Ferreira, Andréa D. Bertoldi, Marlos R. Domingues, Debra Shirley and Marcelo C. Silva

) was also recorded. Smoking was recorded as smoking habit during pregnancy or not. Information on health conditions such as high blood pressure, occurrence of eclampsia, depression, and urinary infection were recorded by “yes” or “no” questions. Statistical Analysis A group of 142 pregnant women who

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Chia-Yuan Yu, Su-I Hou and Jonathan Miller

Individuals living in such circumstances may feel loneliness more frequently and lack social connections; in turn, their rates of morbidity and mortality can rise, 3 , 6 , 7 as well as their chance of suffering from depression. 8 This situation is even more severe for older adults, as they are also

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Kazuhiro Harada, Kouhei Masumoto and Narihiko Kondo

physical activity has desirable effects on mental health variables such as depression, 3 , 4 anxiety, 5 and mental well-being. 6 However, despite these previous investigations of the relationships between physical activity and mental health, it remains unclear what specific conditions of physical

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Sungchul Lee, Sangyoon Lee, Seongryu Bae, Kazuhiro Harada, Songee Jung, Keitaro Makino and Hiroyuki Shimada

-type handheld dynamometer (GRIP-D; Takei, Niigata, Japan). Depressive symptoms were measured at baseline and follow-up using the 15-item Geriatric Depression Scale ( Yesavage, 1988 ). The participant’s medical history of conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, osteoporosis, and cancer, in

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Hosam Alzahrani, Sonia W.M. Cheng, Debra Shirley, Martin Mackey and Emmanuel Stamatakis

, depression, anxiety, and job dissatisfaction, 4 , 6 , 7 which may lead to deterioration of health-related quality of life (HRQoL). 8 – 10 Health-related quality of life is a useful indicator for the impact of back pain, as it encompasses multiple aspects of an individual’s life relating to their health

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David B. Creel, Leslie M. Schuh, Robert L. Newton Jr, Joseph J. Stote and Brenda M. Cacucci

Roth Benefits and Barriers (MRBB) to Exercise Questionnaire, and the Patient Health Questionnaire-9 depression inventory. The MRBB contains a 5-point Likert scale ranging from 1 (not important) to 5 (extremely important) to assess 4 barrier factors (time effort, social, physical effects, and specific