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Langston Clark

is a form of surrogate fatherhood within the Black American community. In educational settings, Black men have been seen as playing the role of fathers in the classroom ( Brockenbrough, 2015 ). In this capacity, Black males have been stereotyped as disciplinarians but actually occupy roles that are

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Natalia Korhonen, Aku Nikander and Tatiana V. Ryba

their parents for granted. For example, father “Jaakko” reported a close relationship with his son, which culminated in the two being able to discuss anything, contacting each other three times a week, and the student athlete visiting home twice every 3 months, with “Jaakko” possibly visiting his son in

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Ingrid Hinojosa-Alcalde, Ana Andrés, Faye F. Didymus, Leanne Norman and Susanna Soler

’s multilevel framework of work–family conflict that has been applied specifically to mother and father coaches ( Bruening, Dixon, & Eason, 2016 ; Dixon & Bruening, 2005 ; Graham & Dixon, 2017 ). Moreover, work–family conflict has been considered to have consequences for work-related outcomes (e

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Leonardo Ruiz, Judy L. Van Raalte, Thaddeus France and Al Petitpas

professional baseball contract was much like the reaction to winning the lottery. I started to feel so happy but then I told my father and we started to cry and all that. And my dad suffers from a lot of stress and anxiety. So I didn’t know if he could handle that kind of emotion. I was scared by that and my

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Steven K. Holland and Justin A. Haegele

transferring schools. “I thought, ‘okay, I liked PE’ so I went the PE route” (one-to-one interview), she reflected. Samantha had originally pursued athletic training, but the program was shut down. She decided to pursue PE at her father’s encouraging. She recalled negative thoughts and feelings at the onset

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Jason C. Immekus, Franklin Muntis and Daniela Terson de Paleville

academic impairment scales across mothers, fathers, teachers, and teaching aides over a 6-week time interval among grade 1 students. Within this study, the correlations among CABI scores were in the expected direction within and across teacher and parent ratings. Teacher and parent ratings of children

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Mohanraj Krishnan, Andrew N. Shelling, Clare R. Wall, Edwin A. Mitchell, Rinki Murphy, Lesley M.E. McCowan and John M.D. Thompson

.47 (6.01) .775 Mother’s SEI a 50.50 (15.09) 50.84 (13.99) .734 Father’s SEI a 54.24 (13.89) 53.67 (13.85) .607 Average SEI a 52.34 (11.27) 52.29 (11.33) .958 Average proportion of sedentary activity, % 10.40 (1.08) – – Average proportion of moderate activity, % 2.20 (0.610) – – Note.   P values

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Thelma S. Horn

, M.G. , van der Pol , L.D. , van Berkel , S.R. , Hallers-Haalboom , E.T. , Messman , J. , & Bakermans-Kranenburg , M.J. ( 2014 ). Boys don’t play with dolls: Mothers’ and fathers’ gender talk during picture book reading . Parenting: Science and Practice, 14 , 141 – 161 . doi: 10

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Anne Tjønndal

often described as authoritative and paternalistic: I feel very close to my coach, I have been training in his gym for five years now…He is like a family member, like a second father. (Natalie) I would not say that I am friend with my coach… no, it is more like a father-daughter relationship. I really

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Rachel Arnold, Nicole Bolter, Lori Dithurbide, Karl Erickson, Blair Evans, Larkin Lamarche, Sean Locke, Eric Martin and Kathleen Wilson

Edited by Kim Gammage

parent–child communication. Over two thirds of parents (68.3%) indicated they spoke to their child about the importance of reporting suspected concussions. On average, fathers viewed the magnitude of harm from a concussion as significantly lower than mothers did. Results of the multivariate ordered