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Petros G. Botonis, Ioannis Malliaros, Gavriil G. Arsoniadis, Theodoros I. Platanou and Argyris G. Toubekis

provision in modern water polo. 2 To enable players to cope with water polo game demands, high-intensity interval training is recommended. 2 , 5 Long-interval (4 min), swim-based training of rather high but not maximal intensity has been shown to improve aerobic and anaerobic potential of elite water polo

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R. Pla, Y. Le Meur, A. Aubry, J.F. Toussaint and P. Hellard

(mitochondrial genesis, lactate exchange and removal), whereas high-intensity interval training develops the central factors of endurance ( V ˙ O 2 max and cardiac output). 14 , 15 Training volume reduced by 5% to 15% in mixed moderate intensities (2–4 mmol·L −1 ) can reduce neurovegetative fatigue while

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Alireza Rabbani, Mehdi Kargarfard, Carlo Castagna, Filipe Manuel Clemente and Craig Twist

influenced by well-developed high-intensity running (HIR) capacity, 2 which can be trained using a generic or specific high-intensity interval training. 3 During the in-season phase, professional soccer players are mostly involved in high-volume skill-based training, aiming to improve technical, tactical

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Carlos Augusto Kalva-Filho, Argyris Toubekis, Alessandro Moura Zagatto, Adelino Sanchez Ramos da Silva, João Paulo Loures, Eduardo Zapaterra Campos and Marcelo Papoti

consumption ( 18 ), which was confirmed by the differences observed between PF GET and PF LMT . However, our results demonstrated that MF can be used to estimate the PF GET , which is an important variable to prescribe high-intensity interval training, as suggested in other models of exercise ( 4 ). Thus

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Matthew D. Wright, Francisco Songane, Stacey Emmonds, Paul Chesterton, Matthew Weston and Shaun J. Mclaren

sRPE-L when compared with sRPE-B. For fitness sessions, sRPE-B was rated substantially harder than leg exertion. These training sessions were running-based interval training and targeted improvements in soccer-specific aerobic fitness. 29 Although we were limited to 64 observations on only 3 training

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Andersen * Live S. Luteberget * Matt Spencer * 30 01 2020 1 05 2020 15 5 696 704 10.1123/ijspp.2019-0453 ijspp.2019-0453 The Effects of In-Season, Low-Volume Sprint Interval Training With and Without Sport-Specific Actions on the Physical Characteristics of Elite Academy Rugby League Players Nick

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Kristina Amrani, Andrew Gallucci and Marshall Magnusen

development of all required shots (overhead slams and volleys) as well as the transition from feeding to live rallying. 5 Subsequently, Myers et al. 8 developed a volume-based interval training program based on data from male and female tennis players at the professional and junior levels. Although the

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Chelsey Klimek, Christopher Ashbeck, Alexander J. Brook and Chris Durall

program included components of the ATAC, CrossFit, and RAW programs. ATAC consists of plyometrics, kettlebells/medicine balls, high-intensity water exercises, wrestling, ladder and cone agility drills, tire flipping, speed interval training, and cinderblock throwing. CrossFit consists of continuously

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Mathieu Lacome, Ben M. Simpson, Yannick Cholley and Martin Buchheit

, Owen A , Chirico EN , Pialoux V . Small-sided games versus interval training in amateur soccer players: effects on the aerobic capacity and the ability to perform intermittent exercises with changes of direction . J Strength Cond Res . 2011 ; 26 ( 10 ): 2712 – 2720 . doi:10.1519/JSC.0b013e

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Corall S. Hjert and Cynthia J. Wright

Recovery After High-Intensity Interval Training Study participants 20 males, equally divided in two groups: FR = age 25.1 ± 3.6 years CON = age 24.0 ± 2.8 years 8 healthy males (age 22.1 ± 2.5 years) 45 healthy adults (23 female, 22 male, age 24.8 ± 2.3 years) 20 healthy males (age 24.45 ± 3.35 years