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Everton C. do Carmo, Renato Barroso, Andrew Renfree, Natalia R. da Silva, Saulo Gil and Valmor Tricoli

during time trial races 5 , 7 where the goal is to achieve the best time possible or in a well-controlled laboratory and against virtual opponents 8 where the effects of external influences as a position in the pack, environmental factor, and opponents behavior are less predominant than a real head

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Geoffrey M. Hudson and Kyle Sprow

helps to improve adherence to exercise programs and meet physical activity and health-related goals. Social media, virtual support groups, and fitness apps with community support can help to provide the encouragement and motivation necessary to facilitate these behavior changes. 28 Additional

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Heloisa Suzano de Almeida, Flávia Porto, Marcelo Porretti, Gabriella Lopes, Daniele Fiorot, Priscila dos Santos Bunn and Elirez Bezerra da Silva

.4 ± 2.9, and gender (M/F): 5/5 Control group: n  = 10, age: 70.1 ± 3.3, and gender (M/F): 5/5 Do not present Virtual dance (K POP—WII) plus neurodevelopment treatment and electrical stimulation × Supervised neurodevelopment treatment and electrical stimulation 6 weeks Five times per week 30 sessions of

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Alan L. Smith, Karl Erickson and Leapetswe Malete

contemporary safety hazards that will be anticipated and mitigated by future advancements in artificial intelligence. Virtual reality and wearable technologies may become enhanced in ways that not only provide movement and other data that supplement sport and activity experiences but also offer hedonic and

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A. Mark Williams and Bradley Fawver

spatial navigation in real-world contexts (see Figure  1 ). Advances in virtual reality and simulation technology should provide increased opportunities to develop paradigms where the exteroceptive and interoceptive demands of spatial navigation may be reproduced under controlled and reproducible

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Jian Xu, Poram Choi, Robert W. Motl and Stamatis Agiovlasitis

-1651 Bollaert , R.E. , Marsh , A.P. , Cutter , G.R. , & Motl , R.W. ( 2017 ). The virtual short physical performance battery: Psychometric properties and validation in older adults with multiple sclerosis . Journal of Applied Gerontology, 38 ( 10 ), 1492 – 1505 . PubMed ID: 28506093 doi:10

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Daniela Corbetta, Rebecca F. Wiener, Sabrina L. Thurman and Emalie McMahon

behavior of 50 infants aged between 2½ and 6½ months of age in conditions aimed at controlling the hand visibility during the reach. When a mirror was in place, infants could only see a virtual image of the object; the sight of their hands was occluded. When the mirror was replaced by a transparent plate

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James Stephens and Susan Hillier

work of Paolucci et al. ( 2017 ) in addressing CLBP. He conducted an RCT study with 30 participants, comparing the FM with back school but modifying each slightly. The FM was combined with Virtual Reality Bones, which included skeletal models and density imagery, avatars, vestibular-system description

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Seth T. Strayer, Seyed Reza M. Moghaddam, Beth Gusenoff, Jeffrey Gusenoff and Kurt E. Beschorner

&V 40 . Assessing Credibility of Computational Modeling Through Verification and Validation: Application to Medical Devices . New York, NY; 2018 . 31. Wu L . Nonlinear finite element analysis for musculoskeletal biomechanics of medial and lateral plantar longitudinal arch of virtual Chinese human

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Alison R. Oates, Aaron Awdhan, Catherine Arnold, Joyce Fung and Joel L. Lanovaz

D motion capture system (Vicon Motion Systems, Denver, CO). Kinematic data were sampled at 100 Hz and low-pass filtered at 8 Hz. Virtual markers delineating the edges of the feet were used to calculate the ML base of support boundary during stance phase. A 12-segment whole-body model was created