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Natalie Kružliaková, Paul A. Estabrooks, Wen You, Valisa Hedrick, Kathleen Porter, Michaela Kiernan and Jamie Zoellner

into a PA behavioral intervention (ie, MoveMore) or a sugar-sweetened beverage (SSB) behavioral intervention (ie, SIPsmartER). 33 Focused on health literacy, the overall goal of this secondary data analysis is to (1) explore the relationship between the L-Cat and adapted GLTEQ overall and by health

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Pedro Teques, Luís Calmeiro, Henrique Martins, Daniel Duarte and Nicholas L. Holt

to more adaptive coping, which in turn leads to better behavioral outcomes. In the earliest conceptualizations of EI, Salovey, Bedell, Detweiler, and Mayer ( 1999 ) suggested promising links between EI and coping with stressful events, and proposed the Emotional Coping Hierarchy model. This model has

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Anna Sverdlik, Robert J. Vallerand, Ariane St-Louis, Michael Sam Tion and Geneviève Porlier

perspectives in sport psychology. As will be seen, we posit that the adaptive use of all temporal perspectives is essential in sport performance. Further, passionate individuals should be more likely to make use of such a temporal analysis as they care deeply about their performance and thus should spend time

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Scott W. Ducharme and Richard E.A. van Emmerik

into the nature and structure of fluctuations. Following a general background discussion, this section reviews the current literature on fractals as they relate to human locomotion, aging, and disease. We then review how fractals are predicted to relate to adaptive behaviors. The final section offers

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Maureen Connolly and William J. Harvey

prominent in the mid-1970s and early 1980s (e.g., Oliver, 1983 , 1990 ; Union of the Physically Impaired Against Segregation, 1976 ). Work that is critical of accepted relations of power and its distribution and assumptions in adapted physical activity (APA) gained momentum in the mid to late 1990s (e

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Rachel Cholerton, Jeff Breckon, Joanne Butt and Helen Quirk

adapted” sports, defined as activities that are directed at those “who require adaptation for participation in the context of PA” ( Carlier, Mainguet, & Delevoye-Turrell, 2016 , p. 351). Other mainstream sports such as golf, where play is adapted based on a player’s ability, has been found to attract long

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Sara L. Nottingham

particular, BIE technology may be a helpful tool when attempting to adapt supervision to different student academic level, experience, and ability, as recommended by athletic training researchers. 3 – 8 Additionally, gaining preceptors’ and students’ perspectives of supervision will add to the existing

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Kenneth Aggerholm and Kristian Møller Moltke Martiny

To understand the value of a winter sports camp, it is important to consider the experiences of the participants. Phenomenology provides a solid theoretical and methodological framework for investigating experience. It can contribute with an approach to studies and interventions within adapted

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Erika D. Van Dyke, Aaron Metzger and Sam J. Zizzi

different proposed frameworks based on two higher-order dimensions of perfectionism—perfectionistic strivings and perfectionistic concerns. Although a point of some debate among researchers in recent years (e.g.,  Flett & Hewitt, 2005 ), perfectionistic strivings have often been considered adaptive and

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Julien Louis, Fabrice Vercruyssen, Olivier Dupuy and Thierry Bernard

recover well following training sessions, adapt to the training load, and maintain their body composition ( Loucks & Thuma, 2003 ). On the contrary, a persistent caloric deficit (energy expenditure > energy intake) occurring, for instance, when food consumption is not sufficient may gradually lead to