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Zachary Zenko and Panteleimon Ekkekakis

. Several conclusions can be drawn after comparing the tasks, task details, and evidence of validity from the 37 studies summarized in Table  2 . First, the diversity of the measures and task structures indicate that the measurement of automatic associations of sedentary behavior, physical activity, and

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learning, and the conditions of practice that can augment these processes. Empirical and theoretical work in motor learning draw on a diversity of methods from psychology, to neuroscience, to biomechanics. Collectively, this work advances basic science and has applied impact in sport and rehabilitation

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Shara Crookston

diversity in girls’ archery participation is important to note. The Hunger Games series features several prominent non-White characters, however, protagonist Katniss Everdeen is portrayed by White actress Jennifer Lawrence. Should future young adult book and film series feature non-White female

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Konstantina Katsoulis, Liza Stathokostas and Catherine E. Amara

in specific populations (e.g., those with osteoarthritis). As more data become available, evidence-based recommendations for PT reflecting the diversity in abilities of older adults can be developed with the goal of attenuating functional decline with aging. Acknowledgment No funding was received to

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Matthieu Dagenais, Nancy M. Salbach, Dina Brooks and Kelly K. O’Brien

consider validating WPAMs among a greater diversity of adults living with HIV with multimorbidity and gait impairment. We recruited participants from an ongoing community-based exercise study whereby 91% of participants were currently engaging in exercise. This explains the high levels of physical activity

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Mika R. Moran, Perla Werner, Israel Doron, Neta HaGani, Yael Benvenisti, Abby C. King, Sandra J. Winter, Jylana L. Sheats, Randi Garber, Hadas Motro and Shlomit Ergon

neighborhoods in this study included both Jewish and Arab residents and a wide range of SERs. These neighborhoods were chosen to ensure socioeconomic and sociocultural diversity in order to provide a comprehensive and comparative view of the topic being studied. And indeed, several differences emerged between

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Mary O. Whipple, Erica N. Schorr, Kristine M.C. Talley, Ruth Lindquist, Ulf G. Bronas and Diane Treat-Jacobson

diversity in their samples—percent of non-White ranged from 12.7% ( Skinner et al., 2001 ) to 41.7% ( Pandey et al., 2015 ), all three concluded that there was no significant relationship between race and responsiveness. Body mass index Three studies (485 participants) evaluated the role of body mass index

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Brian M. Moore, Joseph T. Adams, Sallie Willcox and Joseph Nicholson

, studies should assess reactive balance through a diversity of outcome measures under multiple paradigms, as was done by Lacroix et al. ( 2016 ), to address the generalizability of reactive responses to different environmental conditions. Previous studies have reported that muscle strength contributes 30

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Christina E. Miyawaki, Rebecca L. Mauldin and Carolyn R. Carman

potential participants. The RA conducted telephone screenings of all potential participants to make sure that their eligibilities were met and they were available to attend the focus group at a designated date, time, and location. To reflect the diversity of Houston populations, we recruited participants

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Cassidy Preston and Jessica Fraser-Thomas

.A. , & Brown , J. ( 2005 ). Adolescence: Development, diversity, context, and application ( Canadian ed. ). Toronto, ON, Canada : Pearson . Light , R.L. , & Harvey , S. ( 2017 ). Positive pedagogy for sport coaching . Sport, Education and Society, 22 ( 2 ), 271 – 287 . doi:10