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Rebecca Reynolds, Santhya and David Menzies

objectives and how to evaluate any change, especially that required by government. Members commonly highlighted their desires for clear referral pathways within the health care system to physical activity programs (eg, Map of Medicine 11 and HealthPathways 12 ) and ongoing funding for the alliance and for

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believed athletic trainers are the most qualified health care providers to perform athletic equipment removal. a. True b. False 13. In order to reach the adequate number of personnel, most athletic trainers will need to work with emergency medical services personnel to perform their desired emergency

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Kristin M. Mills, Scott Sadler, Karen Peterson and Lorrin Pang

Falls among the elderly are a rapidly growing health concern for Americans. In 2010, elderly falls cost the US health care system $30 billion in direct medical expenses alone. 1 If long-term care costs are factored in, costs would be much higher. Nursing home admissions are more likely to occur

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Tywan G. Martin, Jessica Wallace, Young Ik Suh, Kysha Harriell and Justin Tatman

perceive media coverage of concussions in sport. More specifically, investigations examining future health care professionals’ media consumption and their perceptions of how the media cover SRCs in American football and other sports are absent from the literature. Given that SRC and CTE information has

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Jeremy A. Steeves, Catrine Tudor-Locke, Rachel A. Murphy, George A. King, Eugene C. Fitzhugh, David R. Bassett, Dane Van Domelen, John M. Schuna Jr and Tamara B. Harris

operations 68 285 031 (14 176) 26 351 553 (16 940) 42 251 496 (11 977) 14 Architecture, engineering 36 283 784 (19 215) 29 278 715 (15 142) 7 306 034 (59 678) 15 Management 120 279 865 (18 479) 69 294 763 (21 416) 51 258 728 (18 608) 16 Health care practitioner, technical 69 274 966 (13 262) 16 325 526 (16

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Iris Buder, Cathleen Zick, Norman Waitzman, Sara Simonsen, Grant Sunada and Kathleen Digre

The relationship between physical activity (PA), diet, and health is well established. In the United States, physical inactivity and poor diet have been linked to (1) increased morbidity risks for numerous chronic diseases, 1 (2) elevated mortality risk, 2 , 3 (3) higher health care costs, 4 , 5

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Rebecca A. Schlaff, Meghan Baruth, Faith C. LaFramboise and Samantha J. Deere

, participants self-reported their mode of delivery (vaginal or cesarean section), and whether a health care provider told them they had any of the following (yes/no/don’t know): preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, or postpartum depression. Participants were also asked to rate their overall health status

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Christina E. Miyawaki, Rebecca L. Mauldin and Carolyn R. Carman

been extensively studied and documented ( Franco et al., 2015 ; Sherrington et al., 2017 ). Older adults are more likely to engage in a community-based program, such as an exercise program, if a referral is given to them by a health care provider ( Leijon, Faskunger, Bendtsen, Festin, & Nilsen, 2011

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Rachael E. Flatt and Craig Barr Taylor

schedules, elevated stigma associated with mental health problems and treatment, decreased help-seeking behavior, and negative interactions with mental health care providers may prevent athletes from seeking out and receiving the treatment they need ( Gulliver, Griffiths, & Christensen, 2012 ). From the

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Natalie L. Myers, Guadalupe Mexicano and Kristin V. Aguilar

Clinical Scenario Workload monitoring and management of an athlete is often implemented by coaches and health care professionals as an essential training component. It is important to address workload to determine if an athlete is adapting to a training program, as training maximizes performance