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Paweł Zembura, Agata Korcz, Elżbieta Cieśla, Aleksandra Gołdys and Hanna Nałȩcz

Epidemiol Community Health . 1998 ; 52 ( 6 ): 377 – 384 . PubMed ID: 9764259. doi:10.1136/jech.52.6.377. 9764259 10.1136/jech.52.6.377 5. Lubowiecki-Vikuk A , Biernat E . Organized and unorganized forms of physical activity in leisure time among junior high school students in relation to individual

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Christine C. Center, Samuel J. Wilkins, Ross Mathiasen and Adam B. Rosen

who was diagnosed with a SDH and underwent a decompressive craniectomy. Case Presentation Patient The patient, an 18-year-old male high school student (White, 1.80 m, 82.5 kg), and varsity football defensive end, was a healthy, active athlete with no prior history of significant head trauma. During

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Amelia Mays Woods and Suzan F. Ayers

coordinators used specific strategies and their level of perceived effectiveness for recruiting high school students to PETE programs. In addition, the four strategies participants ranked specific to currently enrolled college students’ recruitment were ordered the same for perceived effectiveness and extent

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Yang Liu and Senlin Chen

, followed by middle school students, and then high school students (Cohen’s d  = 0.63 for elementary [ M  = 3.70, SD  = .82] and middle [ M  = 3.20, SD  = .68] school comparison; d  = 0.93 for elementary [ M  = 3.70, SD  = .82] and high [ M  = 2.89, SD  = .64] school comparison; d  = 0.25 for middle

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Megan B. Shreffler

. , & Byford , J. ( 2007 ). High school students and their political views . The National Social Science Journal, 28 ( 1 ), 92 – 96 . Scott , S. ( 2008 ). Perceptions of students’ learning critical thinking through debate in a technology classroom: A case study . Journal of Technology Studies, 34

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José A. Santiago and James R. Morrow Jr.

; Ferkel, Judge, Stodden, & Griffin, 2014 ; Keating, Harrison, et al., 2009 ; Thompson & Hannon, 2012 ). Specifically, Thompson and Hannon ( 2012 ) examined the relationship between HRFK and PA of high school students ( n  = 165) from the Southwestern United States. They reported that high school

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Megan Elizabeth Evelyn Mormile, Jody L. Langdon and Tamerah Nicole Hunt

males on measures of learning and memory. 15 Limited research is available within high school students, especially in regards to gender. Risk of sport-related concussion has shown to be gender-specific, and needs to be considered in order to maximize both rate of recovery and benefits of overall

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Margaret T. Harris and Mike Metzler

, should not only be standards based, but should be relevant, meaningful, and challenging. Teachers Survey question The fitness curriculum in this course meets the national physical education standards for high-school students Likert Students Survey question Class assignments are challenging Likert Data

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Phillip Ward

numbers, one might assume that high school students lack interest in our program or in a teaching career. In 2015, our advisors shared that 79 students applied for direct admission from high school to our major. What prevented them from being admitted were ACT scores below 27, which is a requirement for

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Laureen H. Smith, Devin Laurent, Erica Baumker and Rick L. Petosa

adolescents, our results indicate that rural Appalachian adolescents are far less active. According to the CDC, 27.1% of high school students self-reported that they had participated in at least 60 minutes per day of PA on all 7 days before the survey. 49 Rural Appalachian teens in our sample were assessed