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Yi-Ju Tsai, Chieh-Chie Chia, Pei-Yun Lee, Li-Chuan Lin and Yi-Liang Kuo

participation in volleyball grows, it is necessary to have effective prevention programs for knee injuries in volleyball athletes. Core stability is defined as the ability to control the position and movement of the trunk over the pelvis. 5 Anatomically, the region between the diaphragm, abdominal muscles

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Janina M. Prado-Rico and Marcos Duarte

and the pelvis in that posture. In the late 19th century, Vierordt ( 1864 ) was likely the first to quantitatively measure postural sway during standing; he employed a device that measured the sway of the head. Neither Borelli nor Vierordt measured the forces on the feet, although they acknowledged

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Lauren C. Benson, Stephen C. Cobb, Allison S. Hyngstrom, Kevin G. Keenan, Jake Luo and Kristian M. O’Connor

to the pelvis and feet. Tracking markers were placed on the right and left anterior and posterior superior iliac spines, and a rigid 4-marker cluster was attached to the heel counter of the shoes. A 3-second standing calibration was recorded with calibration markers on the greater trochanters, the

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Christian A. Clermont, Lauren C. Benson, W. Brent Edwards, Blayne A. Hettinga and Reed Ferber

) bounce (vertical oscillation, in centimeters); (4) pelvic rotation (side-to-side movement of the pelvis, in degrees); (5) pelvic drop (side-to-side drop of the pelvis, in degrees); and (6) ground contact time (time foot is in contact with the ground at each step, in milliseconds). The Lumo Run® variables

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Gislaine S. Kogure, Cristiana L. Miranda-Furtado, Daiana C.C. Pedroso, Victor B. Ribeiro, Matheus C. Eiras, Rafael C. Silva, Lisandra C. Caetano, Rui A. Ferriani, Rodrigo T. Calado and Rosana M. dos Reis

, and laterally by vertical lines along the rib cage, and the android region, bounded inferiorly by the pelvis and superiorly by an horizontal line localized at 20% of the distance between the pelvis and the line below the chin. The following variables of fat distribution were calculated: total body fat

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Ben Langley, Mary Cramp and Stewart C. Morrison

following the manufacturer’s guidelines. To define the foot, shank, thigh, and pelvis, 14-mm retroreflective markers were attached to the right limb at the following locations: first and fifth metatarsal heads, medial and lateral malleoli, medial and lateral femoral epicondyles, and bilaterally to the

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Max R. Paquette and Daniel A. Melcher

running trials, participants were asked to complete a 5-minute warm-up on the treadmill at their self-selected long run pace. Retroreflective markers were placed on the right lower extremity and pelvis based on a previously published marker convention. 26 A 1-second static calibration trial was recorded

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Lauren A. Brown, Eric E. Hall, Caroline J. Ketcham, Kirtida Patel, Thomas A. Buckley, David R. Howell and Srikant Vallabhajosula

clinical setting along with gait testing by clinicians. This is particularly important because turning is a complex motor task that involves multisegmental rotation and temporal coordination of head, trunk, and pelvis while maintaining postural stability of the whole body. Previous research reported that

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Il-young Yu, Dong-kyu Lee, Myoung-Joo Kang and Jae-seop Oh

upper arm with opposite hand, but because it is supported by the attachment cuff of isokinetic dynamometer subjects supported the above the distal part of upper arm during SWE in this study (Figure  1C ). The trunk and pelvis of each subject was fixed with a strap so that the compensatory movements of

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Wen-Hao Hsu, Evelyn J. Park, Daniel L. Miranda, Hani M. Sallum, Conor J. Walsh and Eugene C. Goldfield

, pelvis, upper arms, forearms, thighs, shanks, and feet (Figure  2 ). The cameras of a hybrid Vicon (Centennial, CO) MX T-Series and Bonita motion capture system surrounded two force platforms (AMTI, Watertown, MA) located in the center of the lab. The total length of the two platforms was approximately 1