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Brandon R. Rigby, Ronald W. Davis, Marco A. Avalos, Nicholas A. Levine, Kevin A. Becker and David L. Nichols

environment, buoyancy, hydrodynamic resistance, and hydrostatic pressure are all experienced by the individual ( Pendergast, Moon, Krasney, Held, & Zamparo, 2015 ). Buoyancy has an unloading effect on the body joints submerged in the water, reducing the effect of gravity and compressive forces ( Pendergast et

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Ryan Morrison, Kyle M. Petit, Chris Kuenze, Ryan N. Moran and Tracey Covassin

diagnostic accuracy and reliability. Due to the subjective nature of these tests, a force plate is considered the gold standard because of its objective outcome. 6 Force-plate analysis allows for the athlete center of pressure (COP) to be calculated based on the foot contact of an individual while on the

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Robert S. Thiebaud, Takashi Abe, Jeremy P. Loenneke, Tyler Garcia, Yohan Shirazi and Ross McArthur

exercise technique involves placing a restrictive cuff on the upper portion of an exercising limb and then increasing the pressure to occlude venous outflow but restrict arterial inflow. 2 Different forms of exercise used with this technique have included walking, 3 – 5 low-intensity cycling, 6 , 7 and

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Michael Buchecker, Stefan Wegenkittl, Thomas Stöggl and Erich Müller

). However, at least for devices producing a moderate level of difficulty (e.g., foam mats, slowly moving platforms, etc.), most of the available literature reports a corresponding loss of complexity in center of pressure (COP) and muscle dynamics. For example, by means of sample entropy (SEn) and largest

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Elizabeth Coker and Terry Kaminski

information leads to increased body sway and center of foot pressure (COP) excursions ( Day, Steiger, Thompson, & Marsden, 1993 ; Tarantola, Nardone, Tacchini, & Schieppati, 1997 ). However, the postural control system may attenuate body sway by increasing the gain of remaining available afferent inputs, a

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Blaine C. Long

trigger points. ▸ Pressure pain threshold is not influenced by multiple EPS treatments. In clinical practice, therapeutic modalities are applied prior to therapeutic rehabilitation to help minimize pain. 1 One medical condition, described as one of the most common pain disorders of muscle origin, is a

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Leigh M. Vanderloo, Jonathan L. Maguire, David W. H. Dai, Patricia C. Parkin, Cornelia M. Borkhoff, Mark S. Tremblay, Laura N. Anderson, Catherine S. Birken and on behalf of the TARGet Kids! Collaboration

cardiometabolic risk (CMR) factors in school-aged children and adolescents. 8 – 10 Observational studies in school-aged children report positive associations between PA and cardiometabolic health in children, namely improved blood pressure and blood lipids outcomes. 11 – 13 In Ekelund et al’s 13 paper of 14

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Youngdeok Kim, Joaquin U. Gonzales and P. Hemachandra Reddy

characteristics between the final and excluded samples. Measures CVD biomarkers During a medical examination, fasting blood samples were collected from participants to measure CVD risk factors including plasma glucose (mg/dl), triglycerides (mg/dl), and HDL-C (mg/dl). Systolic and diastolic blood pressures (BPs

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Sunghoon Shin and Jacob J. Sosnoff

pressure (COP). The COP is the point of application of the ground reaction force, which is a force vector obtained by summing all the forces between the foot/feet and the ground ( Winter, 2005 ). The COP is also considered a reflection of the system’s neuromuscular response to the imbalances of the body

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Yumeng Li, Shuqi Zhang and Christina Odeh

as the ability to control the center of gravity to maintain, achieve, or restore balance during movement. Due to the lack of quantitative methods to assess motor symptoms associated with PD, a common approach is to assess postural stability during quiet standing by examining the center of pressure