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Yong Jae Ko, Yonghwan Chang, Wonseok Jang, Michael Sagas and John Otto Spengler

marketing (e.g.,  Chang & Wildt, 1994 ) and advertising literature (e.g.,  Li, Daugherty, & Biocca, 2002 ). Therefore, our final hypotheses are as follows: H3a: Sport spectating involvement is positively associated with sport spectating intentions. H3b: Sport spectating involvement is positively associated

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Liam Kennedy, Derek Silva, Madelaine Coelho and William Cipolli III

built” ( RJohnCDriedger, 2018 ). Twitter was also used as a repository for advertising the numerous ceremonies and vigils held in hockey rinks across North America following the crash. NHL arenas located in cities across Canada and the United States held moments of silence following the crash ( Ligeti

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Stephanie G. Kerrigan, Evan M. Forman, Mitesh Patel, Dave Williams, Fengqing Zhang, Ross D. Crosby and Meghan L. Butryn

effects. Feasibility and Acceptability Over the course of 4 months of active recruitment, 96 individuals responded to advertising with interest in the program. Of the 62 who were able to be contacted, 46 were local and 16 were remote (remote enrollment was added during the final month of recruitment). Of

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Ítalo Ribeiro Lemes, Xuemei Sui, Bruna Camilo Turi-Lynch, Steven N. Blair, Rômulo Araújo Fernandes, Jamile Sanches Codogno and Henrique Luiz Monteiro

-0882 Harris , J.L. , Bargh , J.A. , & Brownell , K.D. ( 2009 ). Priming effects of television food advertising on eating behavior . Health Psychology, 28 ( 4 ), 404 – 413 . PubMed ID: 19594263 doi:10.1037/a0014399 10.1037/a0014399 Lee , I.-M. , Shiroma , E.J. , Evenson , K.R. , Kamada , M

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Neng Wan, Ming Wen, Jessie X. Fan, O. Fahina Tavake-Pasi, Sara McCormick, Kirsten Elliott and Emily Nicolosi

campaign advertising in select communities have an effect on awareness, attitudes, and physical activity? Am J Prev Med . 2008 ; 34 ( 6 ): S257 – 266 . PubMed doi:10.1016/j.amepre.2008.03.005 10.1016/j.amepre.2008.03.005 18471606 17. Bort-Roig J , Gilson ND , Puig-Ribera A , Contreras RS

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Julie K. Black, Anna C. Whittaker and George M. Balanos

and older ( Ejaz, Khawaja, Bhatia, & Hurwitz, 2011 ). It was hypothesized that those with an undiagnosed presence of OSA would report low levels of PA, independent of BMI. Method Participants and Design Participants were recruited by the researcher through advertising in an original population of 225

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Sada Reed and Guy Harrison

( Garrison & Sabljack, 1985 ). This low regard partially stemmed from sport journalism’s intersecting interests with the teams and leagues it covers. Sport’s popularity is due to the attention given to it by mass media, and media are able to generate enormous sales in both circulation and advertising based

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David Silva, Ronaldo Gabriel, Helena Moreira, João Abrantes and Aurélio Faria

stepping over obstacles for OB and NOB postmenopausal women. Methods Subjects Sixty-seven postmenopausal women were recruited through advertising from the surrounding community. A conventional scale and a stadiometer were used to measure the body mass and height of each subject, respectively. After

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Kazuhiro Harada, Kouhei Masumoto, Ai Fukuzawa, Michiko Touyama, Koji Sato, Narihiko Kondo and Shuichi Okada

walking group in the present study was one such program. Similar to the recruitment process for other programs, flyers advertising a walking group were posted to all houses in the Tsurukabuto community. We also advertised the program via the residents’ association and our university’s homepage. The

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Emmanuel Jacobs, Ann Hallemans, Jan Gielen, Luc Van den Dries, Annouk Van Moorsel, Jonas Rutgeerts and Nathalie A. Roussel

convenience. This study’s population consisted of (pre)professional actors and dancers. Participants were contacted by a staff member of the conservatoire using e-mail and advertising, without preselecting any specific population. All participants were free of injuries. No exclusion criteria were used. All