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Lotta Palmberg, Erja Portegijs, Taina Rantanen, Eeva Aartolahti, Anne Viljanen, Mirja Hirvensalo and Merja Rantakokko

indicating better physical performance. Depressive symptoms were measured using the Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale (CES-D, range 0–60; higher scores indicate more depressive symptoms; Radloff, 1977 ). Years of education was self-reported. Number of chronic diseases was self-reported and

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David Geard, Peter R.J. Reaburn, Amanda L. Rebar and Rylee A. Dionigi

, Bambrough, Fox, & Kyle, 2015 ). However, the same research highlighted that measures of depression and anxiety symptoms as well as affective status are utilized to assess this concept. Therefore, psychological functioning will be defined here as a person’s mental health (e.g., depression and anxiety

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Zakkoyya H. Lewis, Kyriakos S. Markides, Kenneth J. Ottenbacher and Soham Al Snih

index, kg/m 2 , mean (SD) 27.0 (4.1) 28.0 (5.0) 27.3 (5.4) 27.5 (5.4) 27.4 (5.0) Depression (%) 8 (4.8) 55 (23.6) 5 (7.7) 81 (23.9) 149 (18.6)** MMSE score, mean (SD) 22.5 (4.0) 20.6 (4.9) 22.0 (3.1) 20.5 (4.9) 20.9 (4.7) a,b, * ADL limitations (%) 21 (12.7) 104 (44.6) 8 (12.3) 177 (52.2) 310 (38

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Ben T. Stephenson, Eleanor Hynes, Christof A. Leicht, Keith Tolfrey and Victoria L. Goosey-Tolfrey

shown that, over prolonged periods, depressions in sIgA, proposed to be modulated by high TLs with insufficient recovery, 5 increase the likelihood of URI. 6 , 7 To date, this research has focused on able-bodied athletes. However, some have studied Paralympic populations, whom may be at heightened

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Susana Carrapatoso, Greet Cardon, Delfien Van Dyck, Joana Carvalho and Freja Gheysen

depression (around 20%) verified in older adults in Western countries ( Volkert, Schulz, Harter, Wlodarczyk, & Andreas, 2013 ). Growing evidence suggests that social support plays an important role in the regulation of depressive symptoms ( Julien, Gauvin, Richard, Kestens, & Payette, 2013 ), and stronger

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Kim Gammage, Rachel Arnold, Nicole Bolter, Angela Coppola, Thomas Curran, Lori Dithurbide, Karl Erickson, Larkin Lamarche, Sean Locke, Luc Martin and Kathleen Wilson

sports mitigate the effects of depression and aggression on peer rejection? Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology, 50 , 26–35. doi: 10.1016/j.appdev.2017.03.006 Journal website: Author website: https

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Renata Valle Pedroso, José Maria Cancela, Carlos Ayán, Angelica Miki Stein, Gilson Fuzaro, José Luiz Riani Costa, Francisco J. Fraga and Ruth Ferreira Santos-Galduróz

were used to assess AD staging and to characterize the patients’ global cognitive function. The translated and validated version of the 30-question Geriatric Depression Scale for Brazilian Populations 15 was used to detect the presence of any depressive symptoms. Averaged Event-Related Potentials (P

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Susan Vrijkotte, Romain Meeusen, Cloe Vandervaeren, Luk Buyse, Jeroen van Cutsem, Nathalie Pattyn and Bart Roelands

mentally exhausted. The POMS consists of 32 items and 5 subscales: tension, depression, anger, fatigue, and vigor. Items were scored on a scale from 0 (not at all) until 4 (extremely). Higher scores indicated higher prevalence of the actual mood state. During the mental fatigue condition, a modified Stroop

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John B. Nezlek, Marzena Cypryańska, Piotr Cypryański, Karolina Chlebosz, Karolina Jenczylik, Joanna Sztachańska and Anna M. Zalewska

trials assessing the effectiveness of exercise as an intervention for depression, and Silveira et al. ( 2013 ), a meta-analysis that examined 10 randomized and nonrandomized clinical trials of exercise as a treatment for depression. Regardless, the available data suggest that there is a positive

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Margaret Delaney, Meghan Warren, Brian Kinslow, Hendrik de Heer and Kathleen Ganley

(i.e., arthritis, myocardial infarction, stroke, depression, and diabetes; Boult, Kane, Louis, Boult, & McCaffrey, 1994 ; Chen & Guo, 2008 ; de Rekeneire et al., 2003 ; Dunlop, Manheim, Sohn, Liu, & Chang, 2002 ; Ervin, 2006 ; Ettinger et al., 1994 ; Friedmann, Elasy, & Jensen, 2001 ; Hairi