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Nisha Botchwey, Myron F. Floyd, Keshia Pollack Porter, Carmen L. Cutter, Chad Spoon, Tom L. Schmid, Terry L. Conway, J. Aaron Hipp, Anna J. Kim, M. Renee Umstattd Meyer, Amanda L. Walker, Tina J. Kauh and Jim F. Sallis

health. 13 Building a Culture of Health means that health is seen as a shared core value, multiple sectors collaborate to improve the conditions necessary for health, every community provides its members with equitable opportunities to engage in healthy behaviors and access health care, and prevention

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Alissa C. Rhode, Lauren M. Lavelle and David C. Berry

renders it relatively immobile and would, therefore, be unavailable for use when a health care provider is traveling. The PSWD is also very expensive and can be 2 to 4 times the amount of ReBound diathermy. 3 The ReBound unit is smaller than a briefcase and could fit in a backpack. The second reason is

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Patrick O. McKeon and Jennifer M. Medina McKeon

Patient Evidence as a source of external evidence, along with Research Evidence . Of course, there are other external sources of evidence that may be available (e.g. health care professionals, preceptors, relevant stakeholders) to be critiqued and possibly incorporated. Evidence, from all sources

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exercise fatigue protocol. a. True b. False 16. In the Research Report on concussion management in secondary school settings, by Welch Bacon et al., this theme category was considered general. a. education and awareness of stakeholders b. facility/personnel resources c. health care professional access and

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Steven Loy

that our public health colleagues and the public sector look to us for healthier life solutions. Physical inactivity is the fourth leading cause of death worldwide, with direct health care–related costs in the hundreds of billions of dollars, in addition to monies associated with many other diseases

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Marissa L. Mason, Marissa N. Clemons, Kaylyn B. LaBarre, Nicole R. Szymczak and Nicole J. Chimera

number of LE injuries and ACL injuries in particular may be able to be reduced with proper screening, which could reduce costs to the US health care system. 2 Currently, plyometric screening tests include the landing error scoring system, 3 the drop jump video screening test, 4 and the tuck jump

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Kailin C. Parker, Rachel R. Shelton and Rebecca M. Lopez

40.5°C (105°F). 1 , 2 Therefore, health care providers who are likely to deal with EHS outside of a hospital setting (ie, athletic, industrial, or military setting) should have a heat illness–specific emergency action plan for the proper recognition of EHS and an effective cooling strategy based on

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Arya M. Sharma, Donna L. Goodwin and Janice Causgrove Dunn

factors at play in obesity and weight management. His intention is not to stigmatize but to garner support for publicly supported obesity health care as a form of social justice ( Powers & Faden, 2006 ). What Brought You to Your Interest in Obesity? I have been in academic medicine all my life. I trained

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Jennifer S. Howard, Aaron Sciascia and Johanna M. Hoch

The evidence-based practice movement in health care has gained both momentum and scrutiny since its inception. Previous IJATT editorials have highlighted the dynamic interplay among evidence sources including the clinician’s internal evidence, best available external evidence, and patient

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Areeya Jirathananuwat and Krit Pongpirul

the health care sector, nurses could have either clinical or management roles, or even both, depending on their job description. 12 In this context, a nurse clinical practitioner (NCP) usually refers to a young individual who has more clinical roles but less professional experience, whereas a nurse